3,800 utility stores and 120 warehouses finally undergo digital transformation

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The Utility Store Corporation (USC) has linked its 3,800 stores and over 120 warehouses with the computerized digital central database system.

USC General Manager Inayat Ullah Dola and GM IT Shakeel Ahmad said USC has fruitfully accomplished the digital transformation of the supply chain management process.

All Warehouses and USC Stores were closed for three days due to physical inventory count and transferring this inventory data in the ERP system. He informed that we have linked all utility stores and warehouses to the ERP system which will assist in the timely accomplishment of utility store operations.

Moreover, he said that this is an imperative landmark in the company’s 50-year history and consumers will now be handed out a computerized bill after each transaction.

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He told the media that this project of digital transformation of the supply chain management process costs Rs 2.3 billion.

Sharing the benefits of the process, USC GM claimed that this supply chain transformation will generally offer benefits to USC operations in addition to resource allocation, organizational efficiency in terms of time, accessibility, decision making, data management, and reports.

Additionally, the entire supply chain process will become simpler, from buying goods from traders, shipping to stores, and selling to the consumers, everything will be noted in an organized manner via a computerized system.

Consequently, purchasing activity will turn into a structured process whereby circumstances arising because of over or under-stocking of inventory can be controlled. 

The complete inventory will be manageable helping USC to predict the number of items needed, hence averting both product deficiencies and overstocking.

Likewise, warehouses synchronization and retail outlets data into the integrated database will help to provide a consolidated outlook of the organization’s performance.

Besides, it also helps to recognize trends in top-selling items and sites that will help inventory to be moved with precision and attain higher sales volumes.

Regarding the financial and strategic features of this system, USC GM said that USC can make better business visions through more precise and timely financial information.

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