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150 high-rise buildings under construction in Lahore

high-rise buildings

Around 150 high-rise buildings are under-construction currently in Lahore under the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

While speaking to the media on Saturday, the authority’s Vice Chairperson Sheikh Muhammad Imran said that around 150 high-rise buildings are being constructed in Lahore. 

He said that the LDA had been converted into a public-friendly institution through numerous initiatives including high-rise buildings, speedy approval of building plans, expansive commercialization policy and action against the land mafia during the past three years. 

The LDA VC further said that previously, the development authority became a nuisance institution because of its poor management and anti-public legislation over the past many decades. “Laws have now been rectified one by one for the public ease.” 

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Imran claimed that that commercialization fee waiver had been granted to the charity schools and hospitals in the city by remitting millions of rupees of taxes. He added that it will be ultimately spent on the needy students and patients by philanthropists. 

“The education and health facilities are basic rights of the people. High-rise buildings were a taboo under the old LDA system in 2018, and only the powerful could undertake such projects. The small plot size, height and other conditions discouraged construction of high-rise buildings.” 

He elaborated the applicant, under the new law, might start construction if the building plan was not approved by the LDA within 30 days. “After reforms, the rate of on-time disposal of applications at One Window Operation (OWO) of the LDA has been raised to 78% from mere 20% three years ago.” “The commercialization policy had been extensively introduced in Lahore, encouraging business activities.” 

Moreover, the frozen road plans are being reviewed and a decision would be taken soon in this regard. He declared the temporary commercialization policy in the residential areas as a wrong policy.  

“The current management had done away with it and it would not be renewed after 2024.”

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