149 Pakistani Nationals Safely Evacuated from Conflict-Hit Sudan

149 Pakistani Nationals Safely Evacuated from Conflict-Hit Sudan

Recently, a conflict between the army and paramilitaries in Sudan has resulted in a dire situation for many individuals, including a group of 149 Pakistani nationals who were left stranded in the region. However, they have been successfully evacuated and safely arrived in Karachi on Friday, thanks to the efforts of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). 

Utilizing both Airbus and C-130 Hercules aircraft, the PAF carried out the evacuation and is expected to continue with further flights in the coming days. The conflict itself has been a result of a feud between the army chief and his deputy-turned-rival, who commands the Rapid Support Forces. Unfortunately, the situation has resulted in a staggering death toll of over 500 individuals, with over 4,000 more being wounded. 

The ceasefire, which was due to end at midnight on Thursday, has been extended by 72 hours. However, the situation remains dire in Sudan. Hospitals in the region have been shelled, and as a result, over two-thirds of them are currently out of service. Additionally, food supplies have become a huge concern, with the World Food Programme warning that the violence could plunge millions more individuals into hunger in Sudan. 

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In light of this, the evacuation of the stranded Pakistani nationals is a welcome development, offering some much-needed relief to those affected by the conflict. Nevertheless, the situation remains a cause for concern, and it is hoped that efforts towards a peaceful resolution will continue to be made in the days and weeks ahead. 

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