$10bn needed for the restoration of Karachi infrastructure

Karachi infrastructure

On Sunday, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said modernizing the infrastructure of Karachi requires a sum of at least $10 billion.

The southern Karachi port infrastructure needs to be maintained and the minimum sum that is required is $10 billion according to CM Murad. He gave his remarks on the news channel’s live transmission where problems regarding Karachi with the representatives of the city’s main political parties were discussed.

He said. “The city’s issues are not new; they have been here for some time. In the past four years, we have worked a lot on cleaning the storm drains in the city,” he added that this year in June and July, the new monsoon spell entered with the heaviest rainfall recorded in 1977. “There was a lot of rain back in 2007 when nearly 200 people had died,” he noted.

He further told that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has been provided with funds by the Sindh Government to clean the nullahs of the whole city.

“In the last four years, we cleared many nullahs in the city. Despite the rain, the water was cleared within three to four hours. The major problem is due to the construction of big infrastructure that has blocked all nullahs in Karachi which are the responsibility of the cantonments and DMCS.

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In recent times, the responsibility to clean the storm drains lie with KMC and Sindh government has given money to clean the nullahs.” Mr. Shah said in the live transmission.

Later on, Sindh government, Senator Murtaza Wahab spokesperson said, “Until and unless we all understand the challenges that Karachi faces, they cannot be resolved”.

On the remarks of Mr. Wahab, CM said that rainwater was cleared in 3-4 hours despite heavy rain of 187mm was recorded in Surjani town and Nazimabad.

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