Working out in the afternoon or evening may help control Blood sugar

Working out in the afternoon or evening may help control Blood sugar

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is a significant component found in the blood. It is an essential source of energy for the body. The body absorbs sugar from our food intake. Even if it is very important for the proper functioning of the body, excess glucose in the body can cause some serious health issues. Maintaining a healthy level of blood glucose in the body is very important. The normal range of blood sugar level is 99mg/dl or less at fasting, 100-125 mg/dl shows the signs of prediabetes, and 126mg/dl or more indicates diabetes.

Preventing Diabetes

You can prevent diabetes by staying active, eating healthy, and maintaining blood sugar levels in an optimized range. Whether you have diabetes or not, a workout is a key factor to control blood sugar levels in the body. It is important to regularly check and understand the patterns of the variability in the glucose levels pre and post-workout. Monitoring the blood glucose levels before and after a workout can be very helpful. By doing that, you will be able to prevent it from going too low or high.

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Insulin resistance:

Here it is important to know about insulin resistance which allows glucose to absorb in the body. When the receptors on insulin resist the entrance of glucose in the cells, it results in a higher level of glucose in the bloodstream. People who possess a sedentary lifestyle, or are obese are at a greater risk of insulin resistance. 

The ideal time to do workout:

Generally, an ideal time to do a workout is 1-3 hours post meal, it is the time when your blood sugar levels are relatively higher so there are good chances to absorb excess amount by simply increasing the demands. By doing workouts, we allow the body to absorb glucose in two ways: by increasing energy demands and increasing insulin sensitivity. It also activates insulin receptors to absorb blood glucose. Recent studies have shown that doing the workout in the afternoon and evening may result in better blood sugar control as compared to doing it in the morning.

There is a significant difference in the reduction of insulin resistance with an 18% decrease after workout in the afternoon and a 25% decrease in the evening workout. Nocturnal glycemia control is a significant benefit of working out in the evening, however morning workout only improves cardiorespiratory health. It does this by boosting the metabolism instantly and allowing the body to absorb excess glucose from the bloodstream. Usually, the level of blood glucose is highest at night, so doing a workout in the evening helps in reducing the glucose levels.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep a healthy balance as a workout can also cause hypoglycemia if the glucose levels are not very high pre-workout. For this reason, regular monitoring is important to understand the patterns of change. The magnitude of benefits one can earn from this solely depends on how regular the person is with his workout program. Commitment, hard work, and determination along with choosing smart timings for the exercise is a key to avail maximum results from it.

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Consistency is the key:

Exercise and diet can only remain helpful until they are followed religiously. Starting something and leaving it halfway is useless. It is vital to adopt some serious lifestyle changes to achieve long-lasting effects. Consistency and commitment are the only ways to have a lasting effect and see visible physical and mental effects. Not only physical but emotional development and positivity are also seen with this. No matter what aspect of life we talk about, good things only result in the best when done smartly and consistently.

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