Why Should You Carry A Portable Router While Traveling To Pakistan?

Most of us have become so accustomed to using the internet all the time that when we aren’t able to access the internet on the go while traveling, it becomes a huge issue for us. Our lives have become so much dependent on the internet that we don’t get access to the internet, it becomes difficult for us. 

If you are a foreigner who is looking to travel to Pakistan, you should carry a portable WiFi router with you. A portable WiFi router is just like the wireless router that you have available at home, but it is smaller in size and instead of using a phone cable to access the internet, it uses a SIM card to connect to the network. These routers are small handheld devices that can get you online at any time, anywhere.

There are two types of portable WiFi routers, “Locked” and “Unlocked”. A locked portable WiFi router is the device on which you can use only the manufacturer’s SIM card, whereas an unlocked portable WiFi router is the device on which you can use any SIM card to access the internet. 

Various router manufacturers including Tenda, D-Link, and TP-Link manufacture portable wireless routers. With a portable WiFi router, you can set up your private internet connection anywhere in the world and connect multiple devices at a time. If you are traveling to Pakistan, you should carry a portable wireless router due to reasons mentioned below:

Access The Internet On The Go

If you are traveling to Pakistan or any other country in the world, you should carry a portable WiFi router with you to access the internet on the go. Subscribing to an internet package from a local ISP can be a long process & you cannot access broadband internet everywhere you go and data roaming options are quite expensive & unless you are a businessman who is in the country for a few days only, you will need a cheap option through which you can access the internet. 

Luckily, this is where a portable WiFi router comes to save the day. If you have an unlocked portable WiFi router, you can use any local SIM card inside it and access the internet at the lowest rates you can get in the country. You will just have to buy a local SIM card in Pakistan or whichever country you are visiting, pop in the SIM card, switch on the router, and as long as there is network coverage in the destination you are in, you will be able to access the internet quite comfortably.

Good Battery Backup

Another compelling reason to carry a portable WiFi router alongside is that you cannot use a mobile phone as a hotspot all the time. When you use mobile data and hotspot features simultaneously, your mobile phone quickly runs out of battery, whereas portable WiFi routers come with long-lasting battery life. An average portable WiFi router can easily last 6-8 hours and you can easily recharge the router with a power bank while you’re traveling. These devices have quite reliable battery life so that you won’t have to use your phone as a mobile hotspot or worry about its battery draining too quickly while you are traveling around the country.

Allows Multiple Connections Simultaneously

While traveling, you may be having a companion alongside, and if not any companion, you will be traveling with multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras, etc. With a portable WiFi router in your pocket, you would no longer have to worry about connecting other devices to the internet as you can easily connect up to 10 devices simultaneously on the network. This is a big problem for people who travel in groups or who have multiple devices as they aren’t able to access the internet on all of them.

Luckily, a portable WiFi router can save the day for you. Most portable is pre-optimized to support multiple devices simultaneously, but if yours isn’t, you can do it through the settings page of the router.

Affordable Devices

Portable WiFi routers are compact devices that can easily fit into your pocket. You can easily buy an average portable router at a price that won’t break your budget. If you plan on getting the best speeds, getting the one with 4G+ speeds is the best choice but these can be a bit more expensive than normal ones. In a nutshell, you can easily get a good travel router with good battery backup and support for 4G+ speeds for less than $100.

So while you are traveling to Pakistan or any other country, a portable WiFi router will come in handy. These are compact devices that you can easily fit in your pocket, allow you to access the internet on multiple devices simultaneously, have a good battery backup, and don’t break the budget at all.

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