Why Should Businesses In Pakistan Have Their Mobile Apps?

Nearly half of the world’s population owns or uses a smartphone and these smartphone users spend a lot of time on their smartphones using different mobile apps. According to PTA, In Pakistan, there are more than 195 million mobile subscribers, which shows that a low number of people in the country own and use mobile phones. 

The importance of mobile apps for businesses cannot be denied anyway. It already became crystal clear during the covid that businesses having an online presence and mobile apps were able to outperform and continue their business operations in times of crisis.

There was a time when having a mobile app was considered a tool for staying ahead of the competition and now with mobile phones becoming cheaper and the internet being readily available, mobile apps have become a tool to stay in the competition and compete with others rather than lagging behind. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in Pakistan, here are some reasons why your business should have a mobile app:

Reach Out To A Larger Audience

Through mobile apps, businesses can reach out to a larger audience. If the business is about something that attracts an international audience like an online gaming website hosting Solitaire, a mobile app will help to reach out to a larger audience worldwide. Most international users prefer to use mobile apps instead of using the browser to access the website. Simply by having a mobile app, businesses can reach out to a larger target audience easily.

Accessible To Users All The Time

A mobile app is the most convenient form through which businesses can attract consumers. A mobile app is accessible to users all the time. Once users download the mobile app, they can access the app anytime without having to open a web browser or go anywhere else. Moreover, if the app has some offline functionality, users will be able to access the app and perform those functions even without internet accessibility.

Facilitates Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important for any business, whether operating locally or internationally. It is the prime aspect of any business that helps in identifying and pinpointing the needs of customers so that the business can make improvements and fulfill the demands of customers to develop an engaging and meaningful relationship with customers. Mobile apps provide a platform where customers can conveniently review and provide their feedback regarding different products and businesses. Customers prefer to deal and do business with those companies that allow them to register customer feedback.

Keeps You In The Competition

A mobile app also keeps you in the competition. Gone are those days when having a mobile app was something that businesses can flex about. The current reports suggest that more than 80% of small and medium-sized businesses around the world have their mobile app. Sacrificing a mobile app can lead to a significant loss of potential clients, since most customers now prefer to use mobile apps. Whether you are running your online clothing store or online card gaming website for games like Freecell, to stay in the competition, your business needs to have a mobile app otherwise, your business will be left behind.

Integration Of AR and VR

The integration of AR and VR into mobile apps has become easier than ever which businesses can use in their favor. Using AR and VR, businesses can show interactive 3D models of their products which will allow customers to have better knowledge and understanding of the products that they are going to buy. This has completely revolutionized the way of product placement and marketing. Mobile apps powered by AR and VR have introduced a new way of showcasing products to customers.

Helps With Market Research

For any business to stay in the competition and keep coming up with new products and services according to the wishes of consumers, in-depth market research and analysis is very important. Conducting market research to find consumer interests, consumer preferences, and market trends have become an important part of conducting business. With mobile apps, this task has become easier for customers.

Through mobile apps, businesses can get quick access to consumer data, their interests, and a knowledge of what consumers demand. Along with this, the team can also analyze the reviews & customer feedback on their products and services to make improvements and devise new business strategies.

Helps To Gain Loyalty Of Consumers

Every brand and business out there wants to gain the loyalty of consumers. But as everything has gone digital, it has become a bit difficult to encourage brand loyalty among consumers. However, businesses can still encourage brand loyalty among consumers through mobile apps. Many businesses follow the strategy of offering incentives such as discount coupons or promotion deals to mobile app users every then and now to ensure their loyalty.

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