Why is Sleep Important for Health?

Sleep Important for Health

Sleep is one of the most essential need of life that plays a vital role in the development of our physical as well as mental health. Enough sleep at the right time plays an important role in our overall wellbeing. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can cause serious harm to our health.

A normal person’s brain works and prepares for the next day when he takes enough sleep and it forms new paths that help in taking decisions, remembering information and learning new things. Sleep helps the brain to keep working properly. Sleep deprivation, disturbed sleep cycle, and insomnia alter the cognitive functioning of the brain. A sleep-deprived person is a disturbed person who finds trouble in making decisions, controlling emotions and that leads to several mental problems.

Enough sleep with a proper cycle supports the body in its development. Good sleep is responsible for the triggering and release of different hormones who stimulates body growth and mental fitness. These hormones help in repairing the cells and tissues of the body and boost the muscle mass. Sleep has also a vital role in the fertility of both men and women.

A good sleep routine also boosts the immune system. The immune system helps in defending the body from harmful infections and if sleep gets disturbed then the immune system also does not work properly. For instance; a sleep-deprived person will have to face many infections and diseases because of the weakened immune system.

Concentration and productivity are also interlinked to sleep. Job oriented people who work more and take less sleep cannot concentrate on creativity and productive work. It negatively alters brain functioning. Good sleep helps in problem solving and enhances the memory of all ages of people. Studies show that less sleep has the same impact on the brain as after alcohol intoxication.

Sleep deficient children are always angry, sad and they have many mood swings. They lack interest in the study and lack the motivation to do anything. They do not pay proper attention to their surroundings and such children perform poorly in school, secure low grades and are always under stress.

Poor sleep affects the body in many ways and weight gain is one of them. One who gets adequate sleep tends to be smart with good health as compared to a sleep-deprived person who does not get enough sleep to develop obesity and other physical health problems. If someone is trying to lose weight, adequate sleep is a mandatory part.

Poor sleep affects the heart and there is more risk of heart attacks and stroke. A normal person needs to have 7-8 hours of sleep to prevent diseases but more sleep is important for health of a heart patient who should take more sleep to make the body and mind fresh.

Social and emotional intelligence are also directly or indirectly linked to sleep. Intelligent people get enough sleep and they organize their life better and find no issue in recognizing other people’s emotions and expressions or feelings. Such people are emotionally intelligent and do more socializing than others.

Sleep deficiency is a serious issue. One who does not take enough sleep develops many mental problems like stress, chronic depression, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts.

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