Refined Cooking Oil is Bad For You

Refined Cooking Oil

In life, we strive for a reasonable monthly income, a properly ventilated house with some greenery, proper dressing, some good friends and obviously good political, economic and social environment. In life, some decisions must be taken as prerequisites to keep life healthy, smiling and peaceful. In daily life we must make decisions that are better for ourselves, whenever we enter the stores, we come across several items and we are double-minded about what to purchase and what not. There are solid reasons to think twice before buying food that we consume because the use of refined cooking oil is dangerous and their extensive use may lead to many diseases.

In Pakistan, people do not give much thought to what they are consuming as long as it tastes good but some decisions must be taken to keep ourselves healthy. We eat food just to live and in the whole sub-continent, the term “delicious food” is popular but healthy food is not known to the majority of Pakistanis. Artificial food items are used to make food look better and taste better, artificial colors are used in cookies, toffies, and even cooked food in hotels.

Low quality oil is used while cooking food at home and the oil quality is even worse in hotels and restaurants. Every one of us knows how adulterated ghee and refined oil are bad for our health yet people do not do much about it. They may cause many health problems because they contain animal fats.

The destruction of refined oil on us can be illustrated by the example of desi ghee and butter usage in the rural areas of the countries. People extensively use them during cooking and many consume them by simply drinking them. Yet they are safe from epidemics like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The main reason behind it is that they do not consume harmful oils and only consume naturally extracted oils and fats.

Here we need to know what is refined oil. It is a product that is made by using chemicals that are harmful to human health to a greater extent. They are extracted from different seeds and nuts. The extracted oils are then oxidized and turned into trans fats. Trans fats are highly dangerous for human health and they include Canola oil, Vegetable oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Corn oil, etc.

So the question arises what kind of oil must be consumed? Following are some types of oils that are scientifically proven to be healthy:

  • EVOO
  • Olive Oil
  • Organic Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mustard Oil

Health is the most precious gift of God. It must be taken care of and anything that harms us in the long term must be avoided and replaced with foods that pose no danger. We must eat and drink the foods which are clear from all the hazardous elements. We must do a background check of any hotel and restaurant and when it is clear that they serve food in well refined cooking oil, only then we must visit them. Because hygienic and healthy foods are beneficial for physical fitness and mental health.

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