Watermelon: The Perfect Summer Fruit For Health


Pakistan is one of the countries that are rich in fruits and vegetables and many fruits are easily available in the country. Watermelon is the perfect juicy summer fruit for health that contains enough water and nutrients that are sufficient to consume in hot summer weather.

Consuming enough water daily is the most essential part of life. Water is full of benefits that are required for sustainability and thankfully there are many natural fruits and vegetables that contain sufficient water. In Pakistan, clean drinkable water is not accessible to everyone, especially in faraway rural plain areas and desert terrains. Summers are especially hard to pass in those areas. Then how the shortage of water in the body can be fulfilled?

Watermelon is one fruit that is produced in abundance on the country and it has enough water to cover the water deficiency in the body. People of Pakistan prefer watermelon instead of consuming too much water. One, because of the rich flavorful and second it is cheap and widely available. The poor and an average Pakistani can easily buy them and one watermelon is enough for the whole family for a couple of days. Street food vendors sell the popular watermelon juices with the addition of a little lime and salt.

Moreover, watermelons have many health benefits too. It helps in losing weight. Over-weighted people get a golden chance in summer to lose weight by consuming at least 1 kg of watermelon daily. Whoever wants to lose weight quickly then the person should eat watermelon daily because it contains vitamin C, lycopene and healthy nutrients. Also, watermelon boosts the metabolism and burn calories.

It is highly rich in potassium and many nutrients which helps control blood pressure, prevent stroke and control the heartbeat. As water is always recommended for people with kidney problems, watermelon is also recommended for people with kidney stones and age-related bone problems. Moreover, vitamin C in watermelon helps in reducing heart diseases or cancer. It also contains necessary elements of zinc and iron that are highly beneficial for human health.

Ramadan, the holy month of Muslims, is around the corner and this year again it will be in hot summers like the previous year. People absolutely love devouring a watermelon in the iftar. It provides important nutrients and balances the water level in the body. After shunning eating and drinking for the whole day, watermelons are too good of a blessing to enjoy with the family.

People prefer watermelon from other fruits in summers but unfortunately, as the demand increases, watermelon becomes highly expensive and the poor become unable to buy and consume it. Every fruit has its importance in each season that the human body needs. But in extremely hot weather, many people do not consume it due to which many deficiencies in the body take place. The state must keep a proper check on prices of daily commodities and food items in Ramadan because there is a huge spike in the prices of these things and the poor suffer the most.

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