Health Benefits of Having Plants at Home

Plants at Home

The importance of plants can be understood by the fact that they are known as the ‘Lungs of the Earth’. Without plants, the survival of any of the living creatures would not be possible because the plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide through a phenomenon known as the Photosynthesis. Greenery and plantation, along with the survival, help in improving the quality of life. There are several environmental and health benefits of having plants at home.

Plants bring natural beauty to our homes; while decorating your interior, plants also help in moderating the environment which is otherwise laden with heavy furniture or frames. Most people allocate one room in which they keep plants so that when they feel low, they can sit there and relax as the plants create such an aura that makes people restful and relaxed.

Plants help to purify the air in our environment by absorbing toxic chemicals released from cigarette smoke or paints. Oxygen is the most important component of the viability of living organisms. They also help to decrease the temperature of the home by releasing water vapors thereby cooling the surroundings.

The people who grow plants in their homes tend to be happier than the people who do not take interest in the plantation. The second most important feature of the plants is their color that is green. Green has been found out to be the most soothing and refreshing color. It has a magical power of healing stress and depression. It acts as a natural anti-depressant. Plants help to calm your eyes leaving your body and soul to placate. Plants not only calm you emotionally but physically as well. They help to reduce hypertension, lower the heart rate and improve eyesight.

Gardening is the most beneficial and time killing hobby for the retired employees or the housewives. In fact, it is the best therapy for the people who want to relax after a hectic routine, this type of therapy is called Horticulture therapy which is accepted by the psychiatrists worldwide for its rehabilitative, vocational and commercial benefits.

The trend of cultivating kitchen gardens is considered to be the healthiest thing because when you stay in the greenery or frondescence, you not only feel tranquility and peace of mind you end up with lots of fresh, biotic and organic fruits and vegetables free of fertilizers.

Emphasizing the importance of plantation in reducing global warming, 10 billion tree plantation campaigns were initiated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. This campaign started in KPK province and spread countrywide. Not only ornamental plants and trees were planted but also the fruit bearing trees were cultivated so that those needy people who cannot afford to buy fruits can eat from those trees.

Change comes from having plants at home and if you do not have planted any tree, start from growing inside your home. It will not only help in participating in the campaign but also can be useful in adding beauty to nature.

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