Unhealthy Lifestyle Leading to Suffering in Pakistan

unhealthy lifestyle

In Pakistan, the unorganized daily routines amount to an unhealthy lifestyle because people do not care for their future and lead a mismanaged life. We do not have many physical activities, smoking is prevalent, and overeating is a norm.

Pakistan is among the unhealthiest food consuming countries. An unhealthy lifestyle contains the consumption of a poor and unhealthy diet that leads to obesity or weakness and ultimately leads to diseases. People prefer late night sleep and wake up late in the morning, probably in the afternoon. Such lifestyles destroy the health of human beings and at old age, contract drastic diseases.

Consuming junk food has become a trend in the country among all the ages of people. People prefer ordering food from hotels and fast-food chains instead of eating homemade hygienic food. This trend has reached an extent where fast food businesses have become the second most successful businesses in Pakistan. Such foods contain a large number of carbonates, salt, and bad oil. These three elements always lead to food-borne diseases. Specifically, hypertension and diabetic patients should stay away from these foods but their lifestyle does not let them stay away from fast food for too long.

On the other hand, less physical activity is not a new thing. Every family prefers hiring a maid at home for daily cleaning tasks. In this era of internet advancements, any work can be done through internet services. People do not drive anymore, instead, they use ride-hailing applications. They hire people for whatever work they want. People prefer hiring people for daily routine work and sit on the chairs without the need to do anything by themselves. This leads them to obesity with internal weakness. Moreover, only a few people prefer to take a walk and do exercise. Although exercise is an essential part of life in human beings.

Sleeping late at night and waking up late in the mornings, probably in the afternoon has become a common thing among our youngsters. Social media is playing a great role in spoiling a youngster’s health. Young people keep on using electronic devices until late at night. They use computer devices in the dark which is highly dangerous for their eyesight and their brain. These things have gotten too much absorbed into our lives that we have stopped taking them seriously.

Then comes the intake of instant products. Pakistanis think, consuming instant products would lead them to gain health although these products they buy from markets can be prepared at home with little effort. But because we have become habitual of easiness, we prefer to buy instant products that contain toxic chemicals and high form of sugar or salt and carbonates and no nutrients in them.

Moreover, refined oil and refined salt are another big reason for poor health and severe diseases that once enter into the body, do not leave despite taking many medicines. Pakistanis have been consuming refined oil and refined salt from their childhood. That is the reason behind diabetes and high blood pressure more than half of the population of Pakistan is suffering from it.

Such type of unhealthy lifestyle is affecting the whole population badly. We need to take the issue seriously and try to change the lifestyles to make ourselves healthy.

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