6 Amazing Disease-Fighting Foods

Disease-Fighting Foods

Healthy food items keep the body healthy and strong to fight diseases. A human body works properly when all parts of the body like kidney, lungs, heart, and liver function properly. So, to ensure the smooth functioning of the body with proper health, one should have disease-fighting foods in their daily routine that helps in fighting against various diseases or even prevent the diseases.

These food items are rich with nutrition and proteins and contain disease-fighting ingredients that are essential for the human body. One’s kitchen should contain healthy food items like fruits and vegetables to follow a healthy diet pattern. This is a list of healthy food items that help in fighting diseases.

1.    Apple

Apple is a great source of antioxidants as it contains soluble fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It helps by reducing blood pressure, cholesterol levels, decreasing the risk of colon, breast cancer, and diabetes. One can eat slices of apples in daily routine and stay healthy.

2.    Garlic

Garlic helps to improve the heart rate of the body while improving the immune system. Clinical Nutrition by the American Journal states that garlic activates phytochemicals that play an incredible role to decrease the high blood pressure on a large scale. Also, it lowers the risks of cholesterol, ovarian, and cancers. So, it’s the best source to fight against various diseases.

3.    Onion

Garlic and Onion belong to the same family of the plants. Onions are the best source to prevent the blood clots and keep the blood healthy in the human body as most of the nutrition is in the skin of the onion. Further, it prevents the human body from natural allergies. Effectiveness of the onions can be utilized by crushing the cloves of onions before 30 minutes of its use.

4.    Carrots

Carrots are the best vegetable rich with vitamin C, phenolic acids and minerals. It’s a good and vital remedy to lower the level of cholesterol in the body as carrots contains phthalides. Further, carrots are also the source to prevent the occurrence of flue, coldness, allergies, and cancer. 

5.    Fish

To maintain health and to fight against the disease, white meat like fish and chicken should be part of the daily routine habit. So, one should choose a better diet to intake proteins by avoiding fatty foods like lamb, pork, and beef. These food items increase the risk of heart attack and cholesterol so such type of food items should be avoided to keep the body healthy and to keep the body away from the diseases.

6.    Caffeinated Food Items

Caffeinated Food items are coffee, tea, and ice tea. Caffeinated food item contains a high level of polyphenols. They are superb antioxidants to fight against cancer and depression, therefore, they are among disease-fighting foods. Research of Harvard University says that a person who drinks 5 cups of coffee on a daily basis will stay away from the risk of diabetes. Tea and coffee both contain many antioxidants. So, one can use tea as a substitute for coffee. For the best results, drink them without adding sugar.

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