Top reasons your electricity bill is going up and how to reduce it


With energy bill responsible for such a large portion of most household budgets, it makes more sense to seek for ways to reduce the amount of gas and electricity we consume.

How Much Energy Does the Average Household Use?

In today’s world, the average household has 13 technological appliances (including TVs and laptops). When compared to 1990, when only three to four appliances were commonly utilized, this is a significant increase.

However, despite having more appliances, we use roughly the same amount of energy as we did two decades ago, indicating that our devices have become more energy efficient over time. But there’s still a lot you can do to save money and cut your energy consumption.

How To Save Electricity

There are a few improvements you may do around the house to minimize your normal electricity consumption. This can include moving to more energy-efficient gadgets and appliances, such as energy-saving lightbulbs and dishwashers with an A+++ rating, as well as replacing outdated items and preventing wasted electricity by turning off unnecessary devices at the socket.

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How To Save Gas

You may also save money on gas bills by upgrading your gas appliances to more energy-efficient ones or installing a smart thermostat to measure usage and have more control over your gas-powered central heating.

How To Save Energy

The following energy-saving suggestions will provide you with some ideas and methods to help you conserve gas and electricity at home.

Turn Off Standby Appliances

  • Turn off appliances at the plug to save Rs. 7,200 per year on average.
  • To ensure that unneeded equipment are switched off, use plug sockets that can be turned on and off via your phone. To schedule the turning off of appliances, you could utilize less expensive timer plugs.

Buy Efficient Appliances

• While throwing out a perfectly good appliance will not save you much money, when it comes time to replace it, opting for one with a high energy-efficiency rating may be worthwhile.

• A+++ washing machines utilize less energy than A+ washing machines.

• Meanwhile, when compared to an A+ model, an A+++ fridge freezer will save you more money in the long run in your electricity bill.

Install A New Boiler

• Replace your old boiler with a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator controls to improve energy efficiency.

Wash Clothes at A Lower Temperature

• Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can help you save energy, and if you can eliminate one wash cycle per week from your weekly energy cost, you’ll save more than Rs. 1,500.

Insulate The Roof

• Insulating your roof will keep the sun heat off of your home, reducing the need for air conditioner.

Monitor Your Usage

• Keeping a close check on your energy consumption will help you determine if and when you need to make changes to your energy usage.

• Installing a smart meter allows you to keep track of your consumption in real time.

Installing a Solar System to Reduce Electricity Bills

• Aside from being profitable, installing a solar panel system is a long-term investment. ‘The more you produce, the less grid power you use, the more you save,’ is the basic guideline for saving money with a solar system. Furthermore, as compared to other cold countries, Pakistan’s solar power has a lot of potential.

• Solar panels primarily assist you in saving money by allowing you to generate free electricity from the sun.

• A properly installed solar panel system can save you 50 to 100% of your monthly electricity expenditure on average.

Smart Use of Electricity

• In Pakistan, the NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) has set pricing for peak and off-peak electricity usage. Because the price of power is greater during peak hours (7 to 11 p.m.), it is preferable to use less high-voltage equipment, particularly washing machines, irons, water motors, and air conditioners, to reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

Electricity is a necessary aspect of modern life, as it is used for lighting, heating, cooling, and powering a wide range of appliances, computers, electronics, and machinery. Electricity has, without a doubt, become an essential tool for decent life. As a result, everyone must be aware of energy shortages and their influence on the environment, as well as use electricity carefully.

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