Top 5 New Medical Technologies of 2020

Medical Technologies

The medical field is saving the lives of many people for centuries. The advancements in medical science are reshaping healthcare services and they are helping the medical specialists in treating their patients efficiently to save lives and to treat fast. Medical technologies are evolving swiftly day by day and they help the doctors to give the best treatment on time and provides the patients to get the best cure. After the treatment, technology helps in monitoring the conditions of the patients to help them perform well in their day to day activities. Some of the latest technologies in the medical field are listed here.

Smart inhalers

The smart inhaler helps the doctors to treat asthmatic patients. It is a great blessing of modern medical technologies as it helps asthmatic patients to breathe properly and is effective for almost 90% of the patient. It provides support to the lungs in the body as it controls the breathing condition. Smart inhaler like Bluetooth-enabled smart inhaler is the latest technological trend in the medical field. This smart device record the date and time for each dose taken by the patient. Doctors use the recorded log data to treat the patients.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is a type of surgery that is done automatically through machines as the name indicates. It is not the replacement of the human surgeon altogether and they merely extend the capabilities of a surgeon. Robotic surgery helps surgeons in invasive procedures. So, the surgeons will have access to precise data to do the surgery with flexibility. Robotic surgery makes it possible for surgeons to deal with the most difficult surgeries. Technological advancements make it possible for the doctors to get the additional information of the patient in real-time.

Wireless brain sensors

Wireless brain sensor is the invention of the latest technologies and it was invented with the great efforts of the scientist and doctors. This wireless brain sensor is a bioresorbable electronic device or machinery and it helps the doctors to measure the pressure and temperature of the brain. This device can be placed in the skull when required. Even, it can be removed from the brain when not required as it has the ability to dissolve within the brain. Hence, it eliminates the need for any additional surgery.

3-D printing

3-D printing in the medical field is the collaboration of technology and medical science. 3-D printing is the latest and hottest technology of this current modern time. It possesses digital functionalities that match an individual’s measurements down to the millimeter. Moreover, it also creates long-lasting and soluble items.

Artificial organs

Artificial organs have revolutionized the field of medical sciences. It allows the doctor to replace the faulty organs of patients with artificial organs. Artificial organs have the ability to regenerate skin cells easily. It is helpful for skin burn victims and gives them a way to live a prosperous life with new skin. Moreover, it also helps to create blood vessels, pancreas, and synthetic ovaries.

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