Pakistan’s Poor System and Difficulty to Treat Coronavirus


Coronavirus has spread in around 199 countries and territories. The whole world is vulnerable to the epidemic of coronavirus. As everybody knows it started from china due to unknown reasons, however, it was in the air that the main cause of the coronavirus in Chinese was the eating of insects, but this is not an authentic reason as in Europe and America even in Islamic countries eating of insects has never been in practice. It means the reasons for the spreading of coronavirus are still hidden.

Today, the number of coronaviruses is the biggest in the USA, Italy, France, Spain, and Iran. It is also spreading in England. People are still astonished by the speed of spreading coronavirus in Pakistan. It is still not very rapid as compared to the population of living style is concerned.

Satiation conditions in Pakistan are known to everybody. Roads and streets have become garbage houses. The number of passersby in shopping malls and roads is not going to lessen. However, the government has now started taking strict action and the lockdown has started with the help of the army, it means people will be asked to remain confined in homes.

At the moment there are around 1408 affectees of coronavirus in Pakistan. Here arises the most important question. What will happen if these affectees touch the danger line? And the second question which also comes ahead of that what will happen if this disease attacks to more number of people.

This is a teasing fact that in Pakistan there are not even 100 ventilators. This is not irrelevant to mention here that the coronavirus who touches the danger line is to be kept in the ventilator.

The ventilators present in Pakistan are the property of the expensive hospitals like Shifa international Islamabad, Quaid e Azam hospital and Maroof hospital in Islamabad. However, a few ventilators are present in CMH.

What care is being taken for the poor affectees of the coronavirus who cannot afford the treatment in the expensive hospitals? So far the government could not make policies to compensate the daily wage workers who were 10 million in Pakistan.

After the lockdown, their wages were touched zero and if they suffer from the virus then what would happen? It will be adding injury to them. What are the “democratic” government is doing to mitigate the miseries or corona effected, people?

Fortunately, the majority of corona affected people have so far not touched the danger line and God forbid if the danger line starts, who is there in the Islamic state of Pakistan to help the poor virus affectees.

It is the first and foremost duty of Tehreek e Insaf the sitting government party and all the opposition parties to start thinking that how to control this epidemic in the motherland and particularly how the poor who get the victim of this disease can be medically treated and compensated. Moreover, the rich of Pakistan, especially from Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad which are the business hub should come ahead and start funding in this regard.

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