The Traffic Licensing laws in Pakistan


Here are the following laws that every citizen of Pakistan is confined to follow:

Every person of Pakistan should be having a registered authorized license to drive the vehicle. No one is permitted to drive without an effective license.

Then comes an age limit, one of the essential considerations for driving. Below the age of 18 years, a person cannot drive any vehicle, not even the motorcycle or any carriage. The citizen must be over the age of 18 to drive. The heavy transport can only be driven by the twenty-two years of the person or above. Moreover, the person above the age of 50 years can drive only if he has the licensing authority that is signed by his medical practitioner about his health to be capable of driving.

The person will not be entertained by licensing authority if the medical certificate is not attached that says about the proper health and that the person is not suffering from any illness or disease or any disability. No one is permitted to drive any vehicle with covered eyes wholly or partially with some cloth or anything that interferes with the drivers’ vision.

For the license issued under section 15, shall be having the thumb impression or signature, shall be in form C as set forth in the first schedule and one photograph is also referred according to section 7. This license specifies that the holder is entitled to drive in the public service vehicle. Then the holder is entitled to drive the vehicle of whichever vehicle he is to drive like; motor car, motorcycle, delivery man, heavy transport vehicle, light transport vehicle, locomotive, tractor, delivery man, road-roller, or any carriage, etc.

The validity of the license is also based on rules and laws. The license once issued is valid throughout the province. The license that is issued under the foregoing sections will be valuable in the whole province.

According to sections 11 and 12, the license of any authority can be canceled if the holder is found with some disease or if he has no medical practitioner’s signed certificate. If the license holder has become disabled or found with some severe disease that can take longer to cure, the higher authorities can easily cancel it. The cancellation of the license will be carrying the reasons behind its termination.

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