The Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Medical is an extensive field in which there are a number of specialties and sub-specialties. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on enhancing mobility, physical independence and overall quality of life. Interestingly, Physiotherapy in Pakistan is one of the emerging and effective ways of treating those diseases or disorders which are otherwise not treatable through merely medicines or surgeries.

Physiotherapy in Pakistan was first introduced by Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences as the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy, back in 2008. It is a five-year degree program that is equivalent to the seventeen years of education. A significant number of qualified and hardworking physiotherapists pass out annually. There is a wide range of career opportunities for physiotherapists in the modern era.

Private hospitals and clinics offer jobs and internship programs for fresh graduates. Some of them get attached to NGOs, aid agencies and organizations. Many of them have the option to launch their own private clinic. Not only on the clinical side, but physiotherapists also work in the fields of research as researchers and lecturers in the renowned universities. In the international hospitals, there is a ‘code blue team’ which is a team of specialized professionals who act immediately if there is a medical emergency announced, physiotherapists are a part of that team too.

Physiotherapy itself is a vast field; one can specialize further in different fields as well. For example, in the five years of study, there are different kinds of subjects which can also be specialized further such as Pediatrics Physical Therapy which deals with the children’s problems while Gerontology or Geriatrics is the subject that deals with the old patients. One of the most leading sub-specialties is Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy which deals which the issues of the heart and lungs. These sub-specialties make the scope of this field vast and bright.

The only problem that lies in the acceptance of this field is unawareness about its health benefits among the common people. People in Pakistan have a fixed mindset of taking medications only to get healthy. They do not want to exercise to stay fit and well-formed. Secondly, it is a long term treatment that requires both time and money. Half of the population cannot afford its expenses.


On the other hand, physical therapy has immense health benefits. It is a drug-free treatment that does not require any medications to be taken as a result, kidneys remain safe from getting damaged. By doing physical activity, overall blood circulation improves, which renders one’s body toned and active.

There is a variety of diseases that require physical treatment such as recovering from a stroke, managing diabetes, and hypertension. Apart from these medical conditions, there are many physical conditions, related to muscles and bones that are treated by doing a certain set of exercises. One of the most important health benefits of physiotherapy is that one can get safe from surgical procedures.

Physical therapy not only involves the treatment of disorders but it also helps to develop strength in flaccid muscles and bones. For boosting stamina, one should exercise and workout as prescribed by the physiotherapist.

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