The Impact of Poor Sleep on Health and Social Life

Poor Sleep

“The pressure to work more and sleep less is driving a global epidemic with worrying consequences,” said neuroscientist Matt Walker about the routine of poor sleep in this current modern age.

A few decades back when people used to sleep at a fixed time and used to wake up early in the morning with freshness and complete rest, they were more productive and continued working throughout the day. But now, the system of work and routine of people has changed that people have started working more than taking enough sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep is a mandatory part of life for the office worker. But it has been observed that nowadays people take sleep only 5 or 5.5 hours a day which is too less.

Distraction is the first and foremost factor in sleep deprivation. The person gives more attention to work than to take enough sleep to relax the mind. Office workers try to focus on their work and stare the computer screen repeatedly and keep switching the tabs, again and again, the whole working hours. Complete rest of mind and enough sleep are compulsory to do work without distraction.

Sleep-deprived mind is continuously disturbed, full of anxiety and stressed out. Some people were deployed for research recently who were deprived of asleep at night. They were compared with actual anxiety suffering patients. The sleep-deprived people had 30 percent more anxiety level than the individual with an anxiety disorder.

People with less sleep are always angry. They have too many mood swings and they do not adjust in society due to their mood. Moreover, their anger does not allow them to maintain proper health. Although, health should not be sacrificed for work.             People take less sleep in order to work to earn more money and what do they get in return? Just an unhealthy body and weak mental health.

Patience in practical life is a necessary part but when the person does not get enough sleep due to the load of work, he becomes short-tempered. According to a survey conducted on office workers, some of the people were observed with pleasant behavior. They were asked to have less sleep for a week. After that, they were observed to be impatient and less interactive. They become aggressive and assertive to their sub-ordinates.

An individual with a poor sleep pattern is less effective in exercising self-control and is less patient. Moreover, the person taking less sleep is more likely to take risky decisions. He loses power to make strong right decisions at the right time. This ultimately affects his cognition. A sleep-deprived person ages fast, wrinkles and dark circles around his eyes and on the face, start appearing and his vision weakens. He suffers from loss of appetite and interest in consuming more food to get back his health.

The purpose of sleep is to relax the mind more than to relax the body. Taking enough sleep sharpens the mind, improves cognitive thinking and memory. Concentration level is also increased with the power of learning.

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