The Impact of Depression on Daily Life

Impact of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that affects the normal working of the body. The person who is suffering from depression will be not able to perform the daily tasks effectively. Mind with be occupied with negative thinking and a depressed person will remain sad and hopeless about their life. Depression is a damaging mental disorder but also affects physical health and therefore has an impact on the whole system of the human body. The impact of depression must, therefore, be highlighted as it is very common in our society.

If a person suffers from some grief or trauma, then depressive symptoms can be observed. This type of depression will be temporary. But if the depression symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks than it will be a chronic depressive disorder which will be a threat to health.

Various symptoms can be observed in depressive persons. Like depressive persons remain sad most of the time and they lose interest in doing daily activities. Depressed people start sleeping for a longer duration or they get deprived of sleep. Changes in eating habits can also be observed in most of the people. They have a lack of appetite that may lead to unintentional weight loss or they may start eating too much and get overweight.

Other than the above symptoms, depressed may have a nervous breakdown, shattered confidence, and poor performance issues in daily interactions and activities. The person may have low self-esteem and start feeling useless, which is an alarming situation.

Decision making is essential to proceed in life but, unfortunately, depressed people will not have the ability to make important decisions about life to move on. Further, intrusive thoughts of death or suicide can be observed.

As mentioned above, the occurrence of various symptoms in the human body or human nature leads to depression. Chronic depression may lead to suicidal thinking or may cause various diseases in the human body. Depressed people experience changes in eating habit which may cause weight gain or weight loss. Weight gain can cause health issues like diabetes or heart diseases. Also, weight loss can affect fertility and cause malnutrition.

The condition also causes chronic pain in the body as depressed people will suffer from various aches or pains. In most cases, the pain will be felt in muscles and joints. Chronic stress and depression are directly associated with inflammation which affects the immune system of the human body. Depressed people also feel headaches most of the time.

A person’s lifestyle gets affected and health deteriorates. The person will not able to think positively and will be unable to peruse life ambitions and goals, because, they remain demotivated.

Moreover, depressive people may face the problem of sleeping. They are unable to take sleep properly. Insufficient sleeping habit affects physical health and mental health to a large extent. Insufficient sleeping habit also causes weight issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The impact of depression should not be neglected as it is disastrous for one’s life. Depression is a treatable disease as it is curable with proper support, medication, and therapy.

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