Lack of Basic Healthcare Facilities in Pakistan

Basic Healthcare Facilities

Healthy people constitute a healthy society and a healthy society plays a vital role in the progress of the country. Healthcare departments of the country, therefore, have to work for the well-being of the people. That can be made possible if the government prioritize healthcare for all and allocate enough budget for health. In any case, the health department of the country should not be neglected by the government because reach to basic healthcare facilities is the fundamental right of every citizen.

Each citizen of the country should have access to basic healthcare facilities in Pakistan. The availability of basic health facilities makes the life of people easier and prosperous. Health infrastructure is therefore considered the backbone of the wellness of the country. After the state fails to do so, people will start suffering from various healthcare issues and wide-spread diseases which is in no way better for a country.

Qualified and professional doctors can treat people on time through their skills. But most people have no access to qualified doctors, especially in rural areas. Due to the unavailability of proper clinics or hospitals in rural villages and towns, poor people have to spend a huge amount of money to get the proper treatment and head towards faraway cities to have access to better healthcare facilities.

Diseases are increasing day by day due to the poor system of sanitation. Poor sanitation systems give birth to many diseases and make people’s lives difficult. Even, some diseases cause death like dengue fever. People have no access to pure drinking water and they consume polluted water that spread different water-borne diseases as it directly affects the human stomach. As a result, the whole digestive system of the body gets upset and people contract various fatal diseases. Unavailability of timely treatment increases the death rate in Pakistan. Poor people cannot afford the expenses of the private hospital and therefore they have no access to proper medication.

The birth rate is higher and life expectancy is lower in Pakistan as compared to other countries. People are still not aware of the importance of a controlled population. Consequently, a huge population easily overwhelms healthcare facilities.

Health education should be provided to the general public so people will have an awareness to treat their diseases effectively. They will be able to prevent the causes of the diseases and they can play a role in the cleanliness drive of their areas or regions. They can keep their houses clean and disinfect from microbes. Furthermore, people will get awareness about the importance of population control as the flattening of the curve of population growth occurs, the health facilities automatically improves.

Health standards should be met by hospitals to ensure the quality of life. Healthcare campaigns, programs, or E-health programs must be introduced by the government. The purpose of such programs is to spread awareness among the general public regarding the prevention of diseases, health improvement measures, and first aid training. These steps must be taken throughout the country by engaging local government and municipal communities to improve the health standards of life.

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