The Coronavirus Pandemic Benefits on Nature in Pakistan

the coronavirus pandemic

The colloquial condition of the whole world has changed and the whole population of the world is distressed and overanxious for their lives. Till now, 2,471,930 cases have diagnosed worldwide and 170,129 people have died so far through the coronavirus pandemic.

In Pakistan, 8,418 cases have diagnosed and 176 deaths have occurred. Everyone is anxious and unsettled. The economy of every country has declined to an extreme level. But, besides all such distressing situations, nature is the only factor that benefitting from the pandemic disease.

Coronavirus had led the whole world in locking down them in homes. All industries, companies, offices, businesses, educational institutions, mosques, temples, churches, etc. are closed and everywhere, quarantine has applied. Due to this fact that all human activity has stopped, nature is getting the benefit of it.

Ozone Layer:

According to a report, an ozone layer which was highly in danger due to the emitting of poisonous gases, carbon dioxide, and too much deforestation, is now recovering. All industries are closed which means no poisonous gas is being emitted, everyone is at their homes mean no rush is formed and in this, no carbon dioxide is emitted in a greater amount then, no deforestation is going on that helps absorb carbon dioxide. 

On the other hand, species such as fish are not caught. No one is going at seasides and no garbage is thrown into water that harms water species. This thing seems to be benefitting these species and these species must be glad of human being’s lockdown.

Moreover, the hunting of animals has also stopped. All animals are free to live and enjoy their freedom from human beings. The catastrophe of coronavirus pandemic has proved our socioeconomic system to be extremely vulnerable to shocks. 

Pollution had always been a big issue in the whole world, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. Environmental pollution like Air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion, etc. are the major issue for mental health as well as for physical health.

Clean Environment

Due to the lockdown, no pollution is observed rather all roads and streets seem to clean of garbage, water is clean because no toxic chemical is being thrown into rivers or waters, the air is fresh because no toxic poisonous gas is being emitted into the air, the whole environment is silent and fresh because the very little motor vehicle is observed on roads and so no smoke is coming out of them and no noise is being produced. 

Meanwhile, the whole of humanity is suffering, but other species are happy with their freedom. 

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