Importance of Health Awareness Programs in Pakistan

Health Awareness Programs

What we do with our money is what ultimately defines us. If we focus on good clothes and spent all our earnings on it, we will look good but some basic needs will be left behind. The leftover issues are mainly health-related and the main reason for them is lack of health awareness programs.

A balanced approach to our spending will set the course of our life. The common spending of the salaried class is on the kitchen items, a place to live, commute, children’s educational charges, utility bills, outing with the family and a goal to have some savings when basic needs are fulfilled.

These are the expenses heads of maximum families in Pakistan. If we look carefully, we can easily conclude that these expenditures are just to keep the life going at a normal pace but the factor of real enjoyment seems to be absent here. What is missing here? The missing factor is the consideration of health issues. Whenever we go to hotels for dinner, lunch or breakfast, the thing we keep in mind, is the taste of the food. We rarely or never look at the hygienic side of the meals. It depicts that we are least worried about our health.

People consider the practice of daily exercise merely the wastage of time and money. The government/private hospitals and clinics are jam-packed everywhere in the country. This is the result of overeating, late sleeping, late rising, overwork, stress, eating harmful food, drugs use and above all avoiding daily physical activities. If someone contracts some disease, one’s first priority is to go for self-treatment. People avoid going to the doctors for many reasons that include the lack of money, the attitudes of the doctors, lack of time both by the salaried people and self-employed ones.

The practice of selling medicines by drug stores without the doctor’s prescription is also very common. If a person starts coughing, he goes to the drug store and buys the cough syrup. This kind of attitude can make a person better but it can also make the disease even more serious.

If we have a fracture, we prefer to go to the quacks instead of consulting the orthopedic surgeon. The treatment of the quacks either disable us forever or the unhygienic treatment gives new infections and makes things even worse.

Take another important example of skin disease. This happens usually with women. If some pimples or nay spot appears on the body or face, they consult the issue with their friends and find “very good solution” in the form of some imported cream. Later, unfortunately, a tragic fact transpires that cancer has invaded the body as the pimple or spot was not due to the dust or climatic issue rather the thing was deep-rooted which the person tried to resolve with the help of dangerous chemicals.

In Pakistan, there are many health-related problems and due to poverty and illiteracy, the issues are on the rise instead of getting resolved. Therefore, it is the need of time that people should be made aware of the importance of health. Health awareness programs regarding what benefits them and what can cause danger to their physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, the effort must be increased with the help of electronic and social media. The government must come up with campaigns to eradicate widespread diseases and make people aware enough to let them live a healthy and happy life.

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