Social Media Effects on the Youth of Pakistan

Social Media Effects

Social media is extensively used by youth approximately around the clock in 2020 and the social media effects are damaging their physical and mental health.

These days, people have become slaves by the hands of social media. Their days and nights are incomplete without the usage of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms. 80 percent of youth in Pakistan use social media throughout the day and night. Even a large number of adults have started using WhatsApp, Youtube, and Facebook. But this addiction also has harmful consequences that people seem to have traded off for the pleasure they get from social media use. Social media effects like stress, depression, weight problems, and poor mental health are the core problems that can not be simply ignored.

The irony behind social media platforms is that those applications were developed to lessen the distance among your loved ones but instead, these platforms are adding more distances. People, especially young people have started using social media and have forgotten physical meetings and interactions altogether. They keep on using their computer devices and keep on updating their life stories with social media friends by ignoring the blood relationships sitting right in front of them.

More than 75 percent of teenagers less than 20 years old, the millenniums, are highly indulged in using social media platforms that they have become fully addicted to. Their life is reduced to taking and uploading updates every minute as stories on different platforms. They are in a run to grasp as much attention as they can and keep getting more and more likes and comments. It gives them satisfaction. Moreover, social media users are always in search of events to get tagged in. Then comes the fear of getting block by someone.

Everybody is in a rush to outpace each other to become an influencer. Youtubing is now a verb, YouTuber a profession and uploading vlogs of daily life has taken the place of a job now. Social media is drastically changing every day. After Facebook, all the teenagers headed for Snapchat, and Instagram and now everyone is rushing to the platform of TikTok. People are tying to show their acting skills, they are doing makeup tutorials, they are doing brand advertisement and you name it. They feel stressed if they do not get likes and sharings. They feel stressed if someone else gets more views than them.

Social media platforms were made to make costumers aware to seek information and to communicate with people far from them and to do business. But instead too much clinging onto phones is leading to many mental and health problems.

A well-read psychiatrist always recommends spending time with nature and with your loved ones. Nature is the utmost source to shed stress, tension, anxiety or depression. But what people do these days? They visit natural places with their loved ones and take tons of pictures, record videos with their loved ones and upload them to social media platforms. They keep on checking their likes and comments on those pictures or videos to satisfy their soul. But ultimately, they destroy their mental peace.

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