Relation of Sadness and Happiness with Mental and Physical Health

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Mental health and physical health are directly related to the state of mind. Happiness and sadness are those two factors that can build health or can destroy it. Those, who have good emotional health, are aware of their feelings and behavior very well. They always know how to cope with stress or anxiety and also they are very well aware of their problems that are the part of life, such people have healthy relationships and people around them are satisfied with them. Whereas there are some events happening in life or some thoughts that are disturbing in life can lead to poor emotional health. Such things are the leading cause of strong feelings towards sadness, anxiety or stress.

According to a report, if the depression, sadness, anxiety, and stress are eliminated, then there are 20 percent more chances of increasing happiness while, poverty elimination increase 5 percent of happiness rate. It means that happiness measures by the mental state of mind.

Negative attitudes and negative feelings can create chronic stress that forms disturbance in the body’s hormone balance and also depletes the brain chemicals which are used to the feeling of happiness and also damages the immune system. In simple words, such type of disturbance in hormone balance and the chronic stress decreases the lifespan. Moreover, hypertension and diabetes are the major diseases that a person develops due to extreme stress and depression.

Happiness does not occur in the absence of pain but it is a mental state.

Feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress cause physical issues and keeping these feelings inside can cause even worse results. Some people’s leading cause of sadness of disturbance is the feeling that they keep inside, but do not discuss with anyone. According to psychologists, sharing feelings increases the chances of happiness. Whereas, family or friends cannot always help you bring happiness in your life that is why learning to cope with stress and sadness is wholly your concern. No one can always help you in dealing with emotions.

Poor mental health weakens the immune system of the body. In this way, many infections cause emotional difficulties. The mental state of stress, anxiety, upset mind, or depression becomes the root cause of poor mental as well as poor physical health. In such conditions, a person leaves eaten appropriately or starts taking drugs, alcohol, tobacco and some toxic drinks.

Moreover, physical changes that a person develops due to sadness or anxiety are chest pain, constipation, extreme tiredness, back pain, change in appetite, ordinary aches and pains in different parts of the body, blood pressure keeps high, headache sometimes takes place of migraine, trouble in sleeping, consistent palpitations, sexual issues, sweating, weight gain or weight loss are some of those symptoms that become apparent when a person keeps in sadness.

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