Poor Conditions of Public Hospitals in 2020

Conditions of Public Hospitals

Poor people are highly suffering from the poor conditions of public hospitals.

The lower class is compelled to go to government hospitals as they have not enough resources to afford proper treatment from private hospitals. A moneyed person would never like to go to government hospitals because in Pakistan majority of them are in deplorable conditions.

OPDs are always fully crowded and sick patients get sicker in a long waiting line. They come in the morning and their turn comes in the evening. And most of the time doctors doing house jobs with less experience sit in the place of a specialist. Such inexperienced doctors fail to diagnose the issue with the patient and therefore sometimes prescribe the wrong medicines due to less experience.

Highly qualified specialists and physicians prefer to concentrate and give time to their private hospitals and clinics instead of serving poor patients in government hospitals. They ignore their duties intentionally. Moreover, nurses of such hospitals lack medical ethics and professionalism and they deal with patients strictly. There is no penalty for maltreatment so they also do not heed on their duties especially in the absence of senior doctors.

It has also observed that animals like cats and wall-crawling insects roam freely here and there, the floor is always dirty with spilled liquids and contaminated water and medicine wrappers are littered in the hospital. The sweepers are nowhere to be seen because they are least concerned.

Contaminated water is another big question mark. People are getting sick of using that dirty water for cleaning purposes, in the washroom, and for drinking purposes.

On the other hand, thousands of people go to government hospitals daily and they are being operated and treated with used and unclean equipment which makes the patients even sicker.

Moreover, there is no privacy in public hospitals. More than one patient with different diseases is laid on a single bed that increases the risk of transfer of contagious and infectious diseases. Patients are laid in an open big hall.

Every year many blood donors arrive at the hospitals and donate their blood but still, a dying patient’s family is told to arrange blood for their patient and they are charged when they buy blood from private blood banks. Many times, a patient dies due to the absence of doctors too.

They are poorly managed; they lack facilities and they are unhygienic but still, the issue is neglected and no one ever discusses it. Public hospitals are in critical condition where nothing is managed and poor patients are ones suffering highly. Although the whole staff of government hospitals and doctors are well aware of all the above-mentioned factors still no action is taken.

They are not provided with any proper treatment. Our higher authorities should be concerned and must come up with a policy to deal with the poor conditions of public hospitals and to make them capable enough because poor is the one who visits them and it is the state responsibility to take care of them.

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