Man has been the main topic of all the heavenly Books. But since the inception of the world, this most sacred creature is being exploited in one way or another. Healthcare is no exception and lack of basic medical treatment is playing with the health of the countrymen.

The economic inequality is astonishing anywhere we look and only a few people have the concentration of wealth and the rest of the population which is 95 % of the total is at the mercy of these few wealthy owners. This exploitation of common man has continued throughout history and the power elite has been in an all-out confrontation with the masses.

Our society is no different and the common man is kept deprived of the necessities of life. Food, clothing, shelter, education, and health are the basic needs of human beings but unfortunately provision to these in the reach of the powerful.

We daily hear how the lack of basic necessities is killing the poor and millions of people die of different diseases annually just because they do not have the means to afford basic medical treatment. Even in the present world, the government’s priorities are misplaced and their focus is on military spending and less on providing the basic facilities to their masses.

In Pakistan, the worsening conditions of hospitals in the public sector are the testimony of this claim. The general public is at the mercy of quacks. If we discuss the employees of private sectors, they bank upon the insurance companies for their medical treatment. Insurance companies play mercilessly with their clients.

For example, there are two types of financial benefits, people are provided. One is the financial benefits for an indoor medical treatment which one will be given financial help only if one gets admitted to the hospital. The other benefit, these companies offer is both i.e., indoor treatment and OPD as well. But, to get these both facilities, employees have to pay a hefty amount to the companies. After the deduction of medical insurance from the salary of a common man, employees are left with the meager amount of salary. So, the common man directly or indirectly bears the burden and even get financially bankrupt in the process.

As the present world is vulnerable to a lot of health hazards like road accidents, Covid-19 pandemic, and economic instability, employees consider it safe to opt for insurance facilities.

Pakistan has not provided poor the free of cost treatment. The poor suffer badly. Although public or local hospitals are made for the poor to get free treatment and only a few lucky ones are able to get free treatment. The government of Pakistan should come forward to resolve the different issues that are risking the health of the countrymen.

Fortunately, the present government has issued medical insurance cards to some people and the number is increasing. According to government sources, the plan is to cover the whole population. Government medical healthcare for all is a win win situation and a step in the right direction. It will also help in regulating private insurance companies which are exploiting the common man in every way possible.

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