Personal Hygiene Essential for Better Health

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene is essentially needed to have a healthy lifestyle. Staying clean is to make sure all things which are used daily are clean, it includes washing the body, cleaning teeth, washing hair, regular washing hands and feet properly, changing cloth at right time and wearing clean dresses, keeping a clean and tidy look all the time, cooking food with fresh ingredients and eating food in a clean place.

Always wash hands before a meal and after taking the meal. Always use a bar of soap for at least 20 seconds to wash away all the germs and viruses. Clean space between the fingers and scrub nails. Rinse with lukewarm water and then clean with a towel. Use a sanitizer after handshaking and doing daily activities.

Hands are used extensively to use every day for each activity. So nails must be also kept clean. Always trim nails and cut them short and clean. Wash them properly daily to keep away all the germs and dirt. If they are not kept clean, they are the main source of transfer of viruses like Coronavirus from a surface to the face and mouth. Many other harmful bacteria and germs get into the body through food and it causes infection.

Brushing teeth is as important as combing the hair daily. If the hair is not combed, they get entangled and messy and the person suffers from bad hair, just like this, when teeth are not brushed, one cannot enjoy food and the bad breath will annoy the surrounding people.

Doctors always recommend making the child habitual of brushing teeth in early childhood. But some people still do not brush teeth being elderly. Unclean teeth decay with time, cause swelling of gums and toothache. Moreover, the cavity that forms into the teeth mixes into the food during chewing and the ultimate cause is the infection in the stomach.

The cleanliness of the toilet is also a must and it includes flushing toilets after each use. People have been observed to use dirty bathrooms and make it even dirtier after using it. Toilets must be kept clean because they are used by many people, therefore every person should be highly conscious of using the same toilet seats or the same soaps and same towels. Toilets are among the places where the chances of transferring diseases are high.

Germs and dirt in clothes contain impurities that can damage human health. Washing clothes is important after every use to get rid of the germs and impurities. Moreover, washing clothes after sickness is essential. Try to use antiseptics like Dettol or any liquid that easily removes all impurities.

Personal hygiene is a good thing and it is also a prominent part of religious jurisprudence. Cleanliness disciplines life and set the routine. Once the habit is developed of maintaining personal hygiene, it becomes easy to live a disciplined life. Moreover, children are impressionable and if you are a disciplined person with good personal hygiene, your child will automatically be an example of good personal hygiene.

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