Emergence of Coronavirus in Italy and Present Condition

Coronavirus in Italy

European countries affected by coronavirus the most. Coronavirus was spread in Italy on 20th February 2020 when one of the 38 years old patients tested positive in Codogno in Lombardy. He was recorded as the first coronavirus patient in Italy.

According to the Italian institute of health and technology, this virus was suddenly spread out in people, when Italians were suffering from Influenza.

Moreover, before the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in Italy, an unusual number of patients were already admitted to the hospital wards with the disease of pneumonia. It was recorded in one of the newspapers of Italy named “La Republica” that at that time, many possible patients of this virus were treated as if they have Flu.

Doctors were unable to find out the exact problem with the patient. This virus was most affected in the northern region of Lombardy, 85 percent of people got affected in this region. Coronavirus then spread in 20 other regions of the country.

Italy has a high number of cases of coronavirus in Europe after Spain who is having 146,690 because this disease was undetectable. In the beginning, they didn’t notice and at the time of realization they were unable to control the situation.

According to research, Italy reported 135,586 people tested positive for COVID-19 and Italy has a mortality rate of 4%.

According to the national health institution, the average age of dead patients of coronavirus in Italy is above 70. Italy is the oldest country in the oldest continent which has one of the oldest populations with more than half of the population above the age of 60 years.

After this outbreak, Italy faced great difficulty in controlling this drastic situation. At that time the government of Italy took serious precautionary measures and banned all the flights from China and also announced the closure of their country for connecting flights. It was to encourage people to save themselves from this pandemic.

Some experts believe that the coronavirus was already spread out in the country before taking action of the government towards COVID-19.  The health care organization of Italy is handling such a situation quite carefully by providing free universal care to every patient and by lockdown the whole country in order to get rid of this disease. 

Along with Italy, the whole world is suffering drastically like; America, Iran, China, France and Spain, etc. This disease can be vanished out of the world only if the precautions are followed and that is to stay at homes.

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