Partnerships for COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Partnerships for COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 starting from the Wuhan city of China has spread rapidly to all the countries of the world. Till now more than 225,252 people have been tested positive with coronavirus, 9276 have lost their lives and 85,826 have been recovered. As the virus is claiming more and more lives, the race to find the vaccine has also been fastened. All the counties are striving to find a cure to the virus. There is now an utmost need for a quick and effective vaccine to cure this contagious disease that has locked down and terrorized masses around the world. That is why leading agencies and leading pharmaceutical companies have collaborated and partnered to develop and an effective vaccine for its treatment. Here are some of the efforts that highlight the partnerships for COVID-19 vaccine development by countries and different multinational pharmaceutical companies:

Researchers in National Texas and National Institute of Health have partnered to create a coronavirus 3D map that can assist to design vaccine and antiviral treatment. This research will help identify the potential vaccine to start the coronavirus treatment.

Kansas State University Research Foundation and Cocrystal Pharma have signed an agreement to make proprietary antiviral compounds for the virus treatment. Proprietary platform technology will be able to produce a high 3D structure and also will be able to novel binding sites that will be used by Cocrystal. According to the agreement signed, Cocrystal will provide access to KSURF’s antiviral compounds that will evaluate pre-clinical and clinical trials or efficacy of the medicine against COVID-19. This technology will be helpful in targeting the enzymes that cause viral replication.

Dynavax and the University of Queensland have also partnered to create a vaccine for preventing the spread of coronavirus. Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) initiative is part of their partnership.

Sanofi Pasteur and HHS (heath and human services) have announced their partnership to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to develop a recombinant vaccine candidate, Sanofi Pasteur will be using its egg-free recombinant DNA platform. The DNA platform will help in an exact genetic match of the proteins in virus and these proteins combine with DNA from the harmless virus in order to produce an antigen that will be helpful in generating an immune response against the virus.

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and GSK has partnered for the development of coronavirus vaccine. GSK will be using CEPI’s pandemic vaccine adjuvant platform technology. Adjuvant use will reduce the amount of antigen that requires a dose to provide better immunity against the infection. This technology enables the development of a vaccine for adding an adjuvant to the existing vaccine in order to boost the immune response.

A positive news has recently surfaced related to partnerships for COVID-19 vaccine development. Chinese medical authorities have recently claimed that a drug developed by a Japanese Company, Fujifilm, was effective in treating coronavirus patients. Patients with coronavirus were found to turn negative for COVID-19 after a median of 4 days.

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