Coronavirus Myths: Misinformation Causing More Panic

Coronavirus Myths

The covid-19 outbreak has panicked people around the world and left them with no choice except to follow the instructions of the World Health Organization of washing hands, self-isolation and social distancing. Unfortunately, some people have also spread the wrong information and leading people towards misconceptions. The distressing condition of the whole world and especially a developing country like Pakistan is that people are easily falling for coronavirus myths and other misconceptions.

Some verified information related to COVID-19 in Pakistan.

Now, there is an utmost need to spread awareness among people and highlight the misinformation and coronavirus myths. Doctor Faheem Younus, the chief quality officer, Chief of Infectious Diseases Baltimore, Maryland Area, has taken the step to spread awareness by posting valuable and authentic facts on twitter regarding the coronavirus.

  • People are being wrongly guided that the coronavirus pandemic will end in the summer season.

Although, no pandemic disease follows seasonal changes rather it keeps on spreading. That is the reason that highly qualified doctors and great scientists are working hard to invent the vaccines. Such misconception has made people careless to some extent that they have stopped taking any prevention steps and have started waiting for the winter season to end.

  • The most childish myth that has been spread is that the virus lives in the throat and consuming water and or juices will take the virus into the stomach where the stomach acids will kill it.

This is completely baseless information. Though the virus may enter through the throat and can be there for long, it does not make it flow into the stomach by consuming liquid.

  • Another myth says that cleaning doorknobs and other things at home will prevent the virus.

It is certainly not true and only cleaning and washing hands can prevent a person from the virus. Prevention depends on your proper hygiene but not on other things. Keep COVID infected patient away from touching anything and keep the person isolated. Cleaning household items does not make any difference.

  • Another common myth says that mosquito bites will spread the virus through the blood.

Another common misinformation among other coronavirus myths. This is not a blood disease that will spread by the mosquito bite but it spreads via respiratory droplets. This is misinformation and no one needs to be worried or scared of mosquitoes.

  • Some people claim that social distancing is just an over-reaction and it has nothing to do with the spread.

This is not true. The whole world is locked down and people have isolated themselves to flatten the curve. This contagious disease has made people so frightened that they have socially distanced themselves from others.

  • Some normalize the pandemic by saying that millions of people die due to many diseases including car accidents every year, then why to be scared if this virus has also become part of it?

This is a point to ponder but the world is too panicked right now that they cannot understand this fact. Also, a contagious disease must always be taken very seriously because they spread exponentially.

  • Hand sanitizer is better than water and soap.

If hand sanitizers are running out of stock in the markets or if they are getting too expensive due to shortage, then leave them and use water and soap which are far stronger and effective. Washing hands with soap for 20 seconds kills the virus and bacteria completely.

  • If one can hold the breath for 10 seconds, the person will be COVID free.

This misinformation was spread from the platform of FOX News. Even a virus-infected person can hold the breath for 10 seconds so no one can judge the infection by checking in this way.

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