Nurses behavior towards patients in Pakistan

nurses behavior towards patients

Nurses in Pakistan are least concerned with their duties and they are dealing with patients carelessly.

Nurses have the most important role in hospitals where they are always the right hand of doctors in the treatment of patients. Nursing means care and patients always expect nurses to care for them. Generally, nurses have 24 hours of interaction with patients and the patients tend to have a very personal and respectful relationship with them.

Nurses are health-care professionals who are skilled and given special training to deal with particular types of patients. It has been observed that nurses of private medical centers deal with patients with utmost respect and care, which is not the case in public hospitals, where the treatment by a nurse is quite harsh and careless. The careless behavior from nurses has become a common thing for patients of public hospitals which is a serious concern for the well-being of a patient.

Hospitals with unhygienic conditions and poor uninformed patients are difficult to tackle but this is main responsibility of a nurse. But it has been observed that nurses mostly ignore their duties and they do not give any heed to the patient who is unfamiliar to the ways and working of a hospital.

Some of the patients of public hospitals were interviewed about the staff of the hospital they were admitted in and approximately every one of them complained of poor treatment by the staff. They said that we kept waiting for the doctors but they came very late and nurse’s behavior was quite hostile towards us. They said that nurses never talk to them in the manner which is expected from them.

Nurses do not give proper treatment to the patients and they inject patients roughly without analyzing the right vein. Once a poor child was injected with an injection so brutally and carelessly that he died. His parents raised their voice against the ill-treatment and carelessness but still, such types of bad practices keep occurring in public hospitals without getting noticed by the hospital officials. Patients of public hospitals remain highly unsatisfied and because of such bad behavior of nurses, a patient’s health is risked.

Doctors doing house jobs were also interviewed about the nurse’s behavior. They also were very disappointed and said that when they were new and used to ask locations of hospitals from nurses, the nurses use to answer very rudely and sometimes, they used to make fun of us. They make patients wait for too long and keep on gossiping with their colleagues in loud laughter.

A good nurse should always have the quality of a caring person, competency, proper information provider to the doctor and a skilled professional performer if she is trained technically professional. Such nurses are the reason for the satisfaction of patients because patients’ satisfaction is a fundamental part of their duties.

On the other hand, public hospitals have competent and real healthcare nurses. These nurses never neglect their duties and responsibilities. A big reason behind it is that there is always someone over them to supervise their responsibilities and to check whether they are careful or not. At the end of treatment, a patient is given a complaint box, where people can easily share their problems regarding anything about the negligence of nurses. On the other side, public hospitals also have complaint boxes provided but no complaining is considered by higher authorities. Nurses behavior towards patients can have a greater impact on the patient’s health. Patients should be dealt with proper care and with pleasant behavior to make them recover quickly.

Do you think the behavior of the nurses towards patients is satisfactory or they should need more training to handle the patient case carefully? Give us your precious feedback.

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