Noise Pollution in Pakistan and Effects

noise pollution

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country where pollution is nothing rare rather it is one of the most common factors in the country.

Any sound that is undesirable for human hearing is called noise pollution. Noise pollution upsets and disturbs the human hearing system and also disrupts other species in surrounding. Some people listen loudly and some understand the low tone, but the pollution range is 70-80 decibel or above, then this range is considered highly dangerous and harmful for human ears.

The noise level in Pakistan has reached the level that the average noise range is 76.5 dB that was recorded in Karachi while Islamabad was recorded with 72.5 and 86 dB in Peshawar. It means Pakistan is going through a dangerous phase where a normal sound ranges above 70 dB. According to the world health organization, this is an extremely painful range. Such a range of noise pollution can lead to hearing issues or defects, insomnia, heartburn, hypertension, ulcer, psychological disorders, and indigestion.

A normal noise level should range as 45 dB or 55 dB and in commercial areas, it can range to 65 dB. This is the maximum level that ears can bear.

Responsible Authority:

Higher authorities are responsible for not controlling this highly harmful range of noise pollution that they do not separate the industrial areas and also the residential areas. As machinery is the main in industrial units. Rural areas are calmer than urban areas because of no traffic noise or any industrial machinery pollution. Hence, technology and machinery have surrounded ourselves that our normal life, domestic, agricultural or industrial life has disturbed.

The major reason for noise pollution is traffic noise. In Lahore, motor vehicles are equal to half the number of the total population. Buses, cars, trucks, rickshaws, dumpers, tankers, etc are the causes of pollution. According to a survey, Karachi is the noisiest polluted city of the country where 90 dB is the range of noise which has now reached 110 dB with an average noise level.

It is predicted that Karachi is going through a hazardous stage, but it will have extremely dangerous side-effects on people’s mental health as well as physically healthy. Moreover, it can cause cardiovascular disease. Despite all these dangers, the government does not take a special step to overcome this issue and yet no policy has been properly applied.

Moreover, noise pollution has a great impact on the mental health of public drivers and people who travel daily. The noise of horns and noise of public, construction, etc. keeps on disturbing drivers and daily travelers and ultimately they become irritated of small things in their lives and this thing leads them to mental disorders.

Here are the following ways that can help in avoiding noise pollution:
  • The government should make the policy of charging heavy amounts, whoever uses high pitch horns and effective silencers should be put into all vehicles.
  • Giving vehicle proper tuning and service so that it does not make much noise
  • Four-stroke engines should be put
  • The government should also separate the industrial units far from residential ones.
  • Last and least, using a loudspeaker aimlessly should be banned.

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