Master the Art of Packing: Your Guide to Proper Clothes Storage

Master the Art of Packing: Your Guide to Proper Clothes Storage

Packing your clothes is an art, as you may lose their look, acquire stains or smell, or may get worn out if not packed/stored properly for a longer period. May it be your packing for holidays, moving out to a new household, or your long-awaited settlement to a new city, you will be required to pack your clothes alongside other belongings and household. Here are a few of my tips, which I used more often:-

Tips for Clothing Storage

Segregate Your Clothing

Surely, one’s wardrobe consists of various types of clothing, formal, casual, beach dress, jeans, jackets, etc. One should segregate the clothes which need extra care and space. This will not only help in giving extra protection to sensitive clothing, but will save lots of your time while unpacking and re-establishing your wardrobe.

Sundry Before Packing

To make sure to avoid humidity in your clothes and suitcase, place these in Sun for half an hour. Clothes should remain on hangers and well separated to get some air as well. This will dry clothes properly and will protect against smell and stains.

Place Some Green Leaves

Placing green non-fruit tree leaves packed in a paper envelope, alongside clothes, will protect from humidity, smell, and insects, even if clothes are packed for years. The most preferred green leaves are neem leaves. Avoid antimicrobial agents or other chemical-based agents, which have residual effects on clothes, in the form of smell or damaging skin.

Selecting the Right Baggage

Hard suitcases are perfect for storing clothes, as these are sealed properly in comparison to zippers. These have belts and compartments, to keep the clothing fitted at the right place. Moreover, the hard casing protects against damage in moves, against rats and small insects.

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Don’t Overload the Suitcase

Preferably, packing in a suitcase should not be overloaded, so that clothes don’t get pressed against each other, and shouldn’t lose their shape and look. You should either buy extra luggage for your packing or you may also lose the clothes which you don’t intend to wear that often. Moreover, kids’ cloth need to be replaced regularly because of losing sizes.

Protecting Shape of Clothing

If some of your clothing is prone to shape damage, try to arrange a suitcase in which clothing can be hung with hangers, that’s the best way to protect it. Otherwise, use fresh cardboard cut to the size of collars, falls, etc to place inside the sensitive clothing part, then place it loosely in the suitcase.


One doesn’t need to be a master in packing his stuff, you will be able to save lots of time and money, if you pack your clothing stuff properly. Packing is an art, which you learn with the passage of time, mostly through the hard way, as most of us learn it after doing mistakes and maybe after losing a few expensive clothes.

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