Organize Your Laundry: Expert Advice for Busy School Days

For many households, laundry is an ill-organized thing, especially when it comes to a working couple and school-going kids. Managing your laundry can be sarcastic and troublesome to the extent that few of people are ready to outsource the thing at a heavy regular cost at their monthly expense. In this article, we will explain how to organize your laundry while keeping a balance between a working lifestyle, busy Saturdays, and relaxed Sundays.

Laundry Organizing Tips

Sort Out Your Laundry

Use designated bins for different types of laundry i.e. whites, colored clothes, delicate laundry, towels, and sheets. Educate family members to keep the laundry in designated bins. This will reduce your time on laundry day and also reduce the hassle of segregating the laundry. You may also do laundry of a specific type on alternate days e.g. white clothes may be done on alternate Sundays.

Schedule Your Weekly and Monthly Laundry

This will organize it and will reduce laundry timings, keep various sets of towels and sheets each for a week, and you can wash these on monthly wash days. Laundry days should be selected on the days when the maximum number of family members is at home. Weekly laundry may be done with wearable clothes, however, certain specific types of laundry like sheets, towels, and other clothing materials can be done on a monthly basis.

Stain Treatment

When you notice stains on specific clothing, treat those immediately to avoid stains setting permanently. This will also increase the chances of successful removal during washing. If stained clothes are mixed with others, it will waste a lot of your time and effort on laundry days and there will be occasions when you are likely to miss out on stained clothes.

Immediate Folding and Setting in Wardrobes

Instead of piling washed clothes, involve family members immediately after the washing process to fold their clothes and put them in the wardrobes on washing day. This will keep less stress on the person doing laundry to pile, press or put the clothes back in wardrobes and will keep your house tidy.

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Sort Out Your Closets and Dressers Regularly

Children usually grow up fast and leave clothes that are no more required. Moreover, during weather changes, a few clothes remain unused in your closets, you need to get rid of these clothes to keep your wardrobes tidy and keep the washing manageable.

Keeping Multiple Uniforms for Kids

At times, kids while playing at school, make their uniforms dirty often, which can be a constant stress for the parents, therefore, just to make the issue less stressful and for ease of organizing, it is preferred that multiple uniforms may be kept for school.


For many laundry is an easy household affair, but for some, it is always a stressful affair, these tips will help keep the laundry organized, will your house tidy and manageable, and will also help you to reduce your timing and effort on your laundry, which can be otherwise utilized on more productive activities and family time.

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