Set the Mood with Radiant Rope Lights

Set the Mood with Radiant Rope Lights

Lights carry an important role in setting the environment and it also affects our behaviors indoors and outdoors. May it be a commercial place, our residences, offices, or even service centers, lights should be selected carefully to impact the audience in a positive and desired way. Here we will discuss the usage of Radiant Rope Lights.

What is rope lighting, and where might you use it?

In rope lights, LEDs are the light source, which is connected in the form of a rope or line. The prime usage of rope light is “indirect lighting”, at the places, where you place rope lights behind any other object, which you want to be dimly lit. It can be in the ceilings of bedrooms for nights, in lounges for a cool lighting experience, inside the wardrobes and showcases, and in bars or clubs. These can also be used to highlight any buildings at night by placing these lights on the edges and building boundaries to enhance the facade at night. Moreover, for decor purposes on palm trees and Christmas trees as well.

Is rope lighting safe?
Rope lighting is very much safe to use in comparison to incandescent light bulbs, which are used to produce heat and are very much not safe for human touch. LEDs are made of semiconductors and virtually generate no heat, therefore, safe for usage.

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How long do rope lights last?

As latest rope lights are made of LEDs, which has generally a life span of 100,000 hours (if used for 8 hours daily, could be more than 30 years) as compared to traditional bulbs, which used to last for 1000-1500 hours. However, the life of LED rope lights may reduce if used in a high-humidity environment.

How much electricity do rope lights use?

LEDs consume approx 8 times less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. One foot of LED rope light consumes approx 1 watt of electricity, and a 150 feet length will consume approx 120 watts. Whereas, incandescent bulbs rope light will consume 6 watts per foot and a total of 900 watts for 150 feet length.

One should select lights for the people who are likely to use them, for home usage, dim lights would be fine, but for commercial usage, rope light usage is somewhat limited.

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