Key Habits to Maintain Teeth Health

Teeth Health

Maintaining teeth health is as important as maintaining body health. Teeth are the most important part of the mouth without which the whole-body health can be destroyed. Without teeth, chewing of food gets impossible and staying only on liquid is not easy. That is why teeth need to be well maintained to make them functional for a lifetime.

Some of the best habits to maintain teeth health are as follows:

The foremost rule to maintain teeth is the brushing teeth daily before going to bed. According to the survey, people with toothache and too much cavity are those who ignore brushing their teeth before going to bed. But those who prefer brushing daily before bedtime are the people who had clear teeth and no toothache.

According to dentists, brushing teeth two times a day has great benefits to maintain teeth health. The daily eating of food at day time requires cleanliness of the mouth. On the other hand, if someone sleeps without brushing teeth before going to bed then the impact on the teeth is drastically horrible. Because the dirty mouth is kept closed for too long and this is how the cavity starts developing in teeth which ultimately produces toothache.

Sometimes, when teeth are not brushed for too long or their health is not maintained properly then it results in the building of plaque under the gum line. This plaque cause infection which causes pain in gum and bone that holds teeth. Moreover, sometimes bleeding starts from the gums which are too bad and a dentist must be consulted immediately.

The ADA recommends brushing your teeth twice a day and cleaning between teeth with floss once a day. Some people prefer to floss in the night before bedtime so that the mouth is clean while sleeping while others prefer to floss after their midday meal. Both are good habits to maintain your teeth healthy.

Try to avoid sugary things. Sugar consumption is bad for overall health because it can lead to many diseases but it is even more harmful to teeth. Teeth health is drastically affected by consuming too much sugar. Too much chewing of sugary things makes teeth break. Also, it makes holes in teeth by which eating food becomes difficult.

Choose to drink normal mineral water whenever thirsty and never drink sugary drinks especially carbonated soft drinks while eating. First, they are the leading reasons for diabetes and second, they damage the teeth. Quitting sugary drinks could cut diabetes 2 risk by a quarter. Cold drinks are also the main reason for weight gain and obesity. Avoid sugary drinks, drinking clean filtered water with no taste and go for unsweetened tea or coffee in the morning. These simple habits will improve your teeth health as well as overall body health.

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