Insomnia: Causes, Effects, Treatment


Insomniac patients find difficulty in falling asleep at night. It is a mental disorder and it completely disturbs a person’s daily schedule. The result is an unrefreshing and lazy day. It leads to serious health problems. Insomnia is the inability to falling asleep is one of the common problems that take a toll in mood, ability to function properly the whole day and energy.

It is defined as the quality of sleep and the satisfaction level of sleep that how one feels after sleeping. It is based on how quickly one gets enough quality sleep but does not measure by the hours one gets to sleep. It is the reason why all people need a different amount of sleep every night. For instance, a person may take 8-10 hours of sleeping and still feeling lazy and drowsy, this may be due to insomnia.

It is one of the most common complaints from people in this age of internet and social media. Undoubtedly, anxiety and stress are common nowadays and people are observed to be complaining of depression most of the time. This problem happens because of the lifestyle of a person and the problem differs from person to person. Drinking too much caffeine, or some underlying medical condition or feeling anxiety with responsibility are the causes of that leads to insomnia.

A person suffering from insomnia finds difficulty is falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night, never feels refreshed afterward, feels drowsiness, irritability, and fatigue, cannot concentrate on things at day time, trouble in getting back to sleep. Such people keep on taking sleeping pills and alcohol to fall asleep.


To cure and treat insomnia, one needs to become a sleep detective. Emotional issues are the main causes of it like; anxiety, stress, depression. These mental disorders cause almost half of insomnia. Physical health and habits that one does during the day have its own impact. Moreover, its treatment is available. If one successfully figures the causes of sleeping problems, it becomes far easy to treat it.

Ask yourself these questions and you will understand the true reason behind your sleeping disorder: Am I stressing too much? Am I hopeless and getting depressed? Am I worried about something? Am I taking some medicines that are affecting my sleep? Am I living in the right environment where sleep can be taken easily? Or am I suffering from some mental trauma? These questions will you to understand the reason behind the sleeping disorder.

Medical issues or diseases can contribute to insomnia that includes asthma and allergies, kidney diseases, chronic pain, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Depression, anxiety, and stress are other worse symptoms. Psychological causes are anger, grief, bipolar disorder, trauma, worry. If these underlying problems are treated, insomnia can be resolved.

Sleeping pills and sleeping aids are most effective for short term conditions like if one is traveling or recovering medical procedure. But, taking sleeping pills for term condition can result in worsening insomnia.

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