Increasing Cases of Asthma in Pakistan

Cases of Asthma

More than 23 percent of the Pakistanis are suffering from asthma and the percentage will rise to 30 to 40 percent in the coming 10-15 years. Out of the total cases of asthma patients, 8 to 10 percent suffer from chronic asthma.

7.5 million Pakistani adults and 15 million children are suffering from asthma and due to those numbers’ asthma is one of the common diseases in Pakistan. It directly affects the lungs and therefore called chronic respiratory disease. It is a long-term condition and medication to control and treat it becomes a must part. It can get severe in all the ages of people.

Air pollution has a great impact on human health and asthma is one of the diseases that is contracted by humans due to air pollution. Two lacs and sixty thousand people died due to asthma last year worldwide. Pakistan is always at the top of all the different types of environmental pollution where air pollution is playing its great part by spreading respiratory problems. On the other hand, deforestation is one of the other aspects that is spreading asthma. Cutting down trees to export wood is a well-known business. Pakistan has only 2.5 percent of forests left.

Tobacco use is increasing day by day among young people and adults. The reason behind this increased rate is the cheap rates of cigarettes available in markets. Many young males and several female universities students are smokers. Cigarette has become a trend and fashion symbol for them which slowly becomes a habit. When adults smoke, they do not care about children around them and the smoke directly or indirectly affects the children’s lungs. Children have very delicate organs and even a single harmful thing can damage them and lead to severe disease. These factors of consuming tobacco are the other reasons for the increase in asthma patients.

Pakistani authority needs to make people aware of the increasing cases of asthma so that people should stop public smoking and deforestation.

“Number of asthmatic patients have increased in a huge number recently. They have reported conditions like upper respiratory tract infections with rhinitis characterized by a runny nose, stuffiness, high fever, headaches, cough, sneezing, and sore throat.” Said an asthma doctor in an interview recently.

Another doctor said, “We can save ourselves by all means but we cannot stop breathing. Dust can go everywhere and inhaling dust causes severe diseases. All children have a weak immune system but when they inhale dust, it directly affects their throat and lungs and they develop some breathing disease.

Asthma does not cause directly but it first attacks the throat or lungs or any other organ first. A person will develop some infection or a simple disease flu, sore throat or coughing, etc. A person then starts suffering from the breathing attack and he became an asthma patient. Whenever it happens the patient must urgently take to a doctor or given special treatment.

Asthma is treated by short-term or long-term medication because food or machines cannot cure it. Not treating it properly can even lead to death.

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