Importance of Education & Training of Healthcare Staff

Training of Healthcare Staff

Mother Teresa and Abdul Sattar Edhi are examples of how philanthropy and selfless devotion for the betterment of fellow human beings can cause so good in society. There are a lot of differences between human beings and animals. The most important one is the purpose of living. Animals live for themselves only and human beings are supposed to live for others. Living for others means, striving for the benefits of not only close affiliations and family members but living for the people, not related to one’s family.

Unfortunately, in countries like Pakistan, where poverty is widespread and life cycles are disrupted many times due to many incidents, people have developed a psyche to just live for themselves and do things in self-interest. The approach to be able enough to make the life of people of different professions better is lacking. For example, religious affairs are left for maulanas. Political, economic and social matters are left for the politicians to handle. Matters, related to health are fully left to the doctors.

In an educated society, each person is supposed to be aware of the religious, economic, political and healthcare matters generally. For example, one should know, how flu could be avoided, how the body can be kept active and fit through exercises, how mental peace could be achieved through yoga and meditation. Moreover, the use of proper food can keep the body and mind fit. How many calories are needed daily to carry on everyday activities and to be physically and mentally active? How the routine of the daily walk can help to make life enjoyable.

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In developing and underdeveloped countries, this aspect is badly neglected in this new current technological era. The same is the case in the healthcare sector. In the race to live a better life then your predecessor, people only focus to opt for those professions which are more lucrative, which got more employment opportunities and which can make you earn more money.

For example, everyone wants to become a doctor but no one wants to become a nurse, or technician, a helper, a compounder or part of paramedic staff. And only those who fail to score high or fail to get admission into medical college dishearteningly opt to become a paramedic. Their hesitation to opt for these professions have new issues like lack of education and awareness of their new profession. This lack of training is dangerous and only impacts the poor patients who get to them for treatment.

As Pakistan is a democratic country therefore the policies in the self-interest of the country need to be adopted and implemented, which are badly required. There is an urgency that a comprehensive healthcare policy must be imposed immediately. Through this healthcare policy, emphasis should be on the training of all the healthcare staff to get awareness about the preliminary healthcare system.

This awareness could be made through electronic and paper media, through social media, and by direct training of the selected employees, both from public and private health sector organizations, who carry on the training to the rest of the healthcare staff. By implementing those policies, the health sector will become more professional and equipped to treat patients with the utmost care according to medical ethics.

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