Impact of Food Advertisements on Pakistanis

Impact of Food Advertisements

Food advertisements are quite successful in inspiring people with their brands and people try to include those food products in their eating habits. But the impact of food advertisements on the health of Pakistanis causes many health-related problems.

Advertisements are communicated through the audio-visual medium or by putting huge posters on billboards for the publicity of products. These advertisements have a great impact on people’s food choices. Such strategies to inspire the audience with publicity and marketing are done worldwide. Millions of rupees are spent by each company to market their products.

With cool catchy slogans, attractive female models and jaw-dropping visuals, these advertisers take great advantage by showing attractive colorful ads that change the public food choices. In reality, they are not some special food items the way they are being portrayed, but still, the ads are shown again and again and we end up buying them.

Advertisements are not merely to show healthy and better food choices to people. Rather it is a highly lucrative money making setup. This is the same strategy that is applied to advertise food products across the world. These days, all the food brands have been made their own new advertisements. These brands show their food as highly fresh with clean material and the sound that goes on behind the audiovisual advertisements and huge posters or pamphlets contain such statements; “we create food that makes you feel alive” or “scrumptious food that waters your mouth” or “we make fresh and tasty food of your choice with low prices” etc. such as the simple strategies that attract people, even highly educated people easily get inspired.

The reality of the food being advertised is completely opposites. The majority of the products are portrayed in a false manner to lure the audience. These brands contain sub-standard material. Salt and fats are over-used in them. Most advertised food items like cold-drinks, fast food, instant chicken or instant noodles are extremely harmful to the human body but with advertisements, they are able to fool the junta.

People think such foods are healthy and they forget the process of storage. Storing such food into packets or packs needs chemicals that directly affect human health by consuming it. Moreover, cereals that mothers prefer for their children by getting inspired by watching the advertisements saying “it contains proteins that your child needs” and in this way, a small child with the weak immune system, get unhealthy food instead of fresh natural food.

These advertisements have surrounded us in many ways. Everything that is unhealthy about a food item is shown in a very healthy manner to false slogans. The impact of food advertisements can be demonstrated with the following example, oil advertisements are too appealing to the eyes but the fact is, oil brands that are shown in advertisement are all highly unhealthy that causes many diseases.

These advertisements are one of the reasons for many diseases in Pakistan. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes of wrong choices of food. We all trust blindly the fast-food brands i.e KFC, McDonald’s, howdy, etc. but how many of us know the process of their fast preparation? Do we know the chemicals that are used to store instant chicken in packs like; K&N’s, Sufi, Sabroso, etc and how many of us know the chemicals used to store juices in packs? We all are merely making fool of ourselves.

Wrong food choices by getting inspired by advertisements have destroyed our precious health and we are made to eat fake supplements instead of natural food that makes us healthy.

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