How to Tackle the Present Coronavirus Issue in Pakistan


Coronavirus is spreading in developed countries swiftly and its speed of spreading is less in developing countries.

The GDP of developed countries like the USA, France, Germany, Italy, etc is very high and cannot be compared to the GDP of developing countries like Pakistan. Political, Social and economic system is quite mature in these western countries and developing countries have been facing a lot of problems in these sectors. Especially, Pakistan’s economic development is very discouraging in south East Asia.

Today Pakistan along with the rest of the world is facing the present pandemic attack of coronavirus. Lockdown has been only the best and probably the only solution to fight with this attack.  USA and other developed countries have opted for the complete lockdown, Pakistan too has this only option which has been adopted.

The western countries have a high level of financial reserves and as such those countries can face the present problematic condition for a long time. But, Pakistan has always been facing the scarcity of its financial reserves. The main sources of revenue for the government of Pakistan are from utility bills, sales tax, excise duty, and customs duty, etc. now the economic activities have been almost stopped. Two major problems appeared.

One, running the state affairs of the government with the scarcity of financial resources and other is the worst situation of unemployment, the employees of private sectors are facing. A big number of daily wage workers working freelance have also been put away from the jobs. The government of Pakistan cannot afford the lockdown being the poor and developing country.

It could be suggested that due to coronavirus the lockdown situation can be avoided and certain under-strict precautionary measures, factories and shops can be opened. For example; a factory that has 1,000 employees can be operated by one-third of its employees in rotation as the policy is adopted in war-like times.

Markets can be segmented in certain types for an opening like two days may be specified for an opening for cloth shops and markets, two days for shoe and garment shops and markets, two days specified for mobile and other equipment shops and markets, etc.

At the entry points of all the bazaars and markets, doors may be installed which sanitizes entries by showering fully. Even at the time of purchasing in the bazaars. The precautionary measures like wearing masks and gloves and conditions of social distance must be adhered to strictly. An important issue of transportation from house to workplace will arise, this has also a solution.

From union level to tehsil level, data of transports which moves on a daily basis from villages, towns, and cities to workplaces may be gathered and owners of transport may be asked to facilitate only 50 percent of the passengers (keeping in view the social distance condition), before starting the vehicle may be fully sanitized and before boarding, all the passengers may also be sanitized by the sanitizer, by the vehicle conductor.

The loss of vehicle owners may be compensated by the government of Pakistan as a different financial institution like the World Bank and IMF along with G20 countries have given the financial facility to Pakistan to tackle the present problem.

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