How Pakistan Should Adopt and Regulate the Use of AI

How Pakistan Should Adopt and Regulate the Use of AI

Pakistan, like many other countries, is increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies in various sectors, whether use of AI is going to benefit Pakistan’s economy or it will damage the job market in Pakistan, indirectly damaging the economy, that’s the question, we are going to discuss today in the purview of the global AI adoption and the most discussed threat of AI. Moreover, what steps Govt of Pakistan is taking to regulate the usage of AI and its likely effects on the IT industry.

Global Adoption of AI

The adoption of AI and likely unemployment is a global concern, talked and discussed everywhere. Job seekers and employees are concerned about their future, whereas employers are eager to adopt the technology to keep pace with the IT industry.

In the United States, according to a recent global survey carried out by YouGov, with adoption of AI, job opportunities are believed to be decreased by up to 52% in the fields of manufacturing, customer services, and retail sales. However, the fields of computer programming, data sciences, and engineering are expected to be providing increased job opportunities by 20-29%.

Regulating the Use of AI

Though, the US was among the few initial states, that took the initiative to regulate the usage of AI through the National AI Initiative Act of 2020. Still, according to international surveys, 58% of Americans believe, that AI is the 2nd largest industry after Pharmaceuticals, where require more actions to be taken by Govt for its regulation. People believe that regulations should also be made on work ethics, and use of AI at work place.

EU has proposed Legal Framework on AI, which describes rules and actions to regulate the use of AI in 2021, which is mostly focused on applications and systems that create high level risks for govts and job applicants.

In Pakistan, recently it has been learnt that Ministry of IT and Telecom is preparing a draft AI Policy to benefit the IT industry from the adoption of AI and economy of Pakistan. Soon it will be made public through Ministry’s website.

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New Job Opportunities and Transformation

Globally, the focus of job profiles is expected to be transforming to technology oriented jobs. Business organizations and industry will be in demand of job portfolios where human resource will be more productive with use of AI and modern technologies

According to Future of Jobs Report 2023, recently issued by World Economic Forum, the majority of the fastest growing roles globally are technology related roles, where AI and Machine Learning Specialists top the list of fast-growing jobs, followed by Business Intelligence and Information Security Analysts. Whereas, the more reduction in job profiles of office bearers, clerks, bank tellers and cashiers is expected in coming years. Meaning, the jobs where technology is taking over the roles of human beings.

In this report of World Economic Forum, Pakistan is at 4% increase in unemployment rate from 2019-21 among workers with advanced education, which creates a big challenge for Pakistan in years to come.

Adoption of AI where creates challenges and threats for many, also affords opportunities for youth with talent, to adopt to AI. Platforms like Flexiple provide opportunity both for youth and companies to gather for providing quality services to learn and deliver for mutual benefits.

Pakistan has a great opportunity to harness the potential of AI and related technologies to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life for its citizens. However, to fully realize these benefits, it is crucial for the government to establish a regulatory framework that promotes the ethical and responsible use of these technologies.

By taking a thoughtful and proactive approach to AI regulation, Pakistan can position itself as a responsible global leader in this transformative technology. With the right policies and investments in place, AI has the potential to bring about significant positive change and help usher in a brighter future for all Pakistanis.

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