Hospitals Overwhelmed & Doctors Refuse Treatment

Hospitals Overwhelmed

The professions which have direct interaction with people include medical and the law. The total number of doctors is quite less as compared to the international requirement for the total population. Therefore, in Pakistan which is already suffering from poor healthcare structure, hospitals are overwhelmed and doctors refuse to treat patients.

During a person’s study years, everybody is in the pursuit of becoming a Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Chartered Accountants, etc. but rarely there would a child who might have thought to be a good citizen, a good member of the world community and a good human being. As a result, after the completion of education when students become professionals, they generally start exploiting society in a rush to earn as much money as possible. One can move all over the country and know what is the opinion of the people about these very noble professions.

Clean water is not available to the maximum people. Substandard food is abundantly available in the bazaars. Markets are full of medicines the dates of which have expired. Unemployment is at its peak and salaries are low. In this atmosphere, the spreading of the different kinds of physical and mental diseases is not surprising.

The rich of the country easily afford to get treated in the expansive hospitals here or they can comfortably opt to go abroad. The people, belonging to the poor or middle class find themselves quite helpless. The attitudes of the doctors of public sectors’ hospitals are hidden to none. Generally, they do not give proper attention to the poor patients but sometimes it seems logical. In the government hospitals, as the treatment is very cheap of free, therefore, there is always over-crowd with patients. To check hundreds of patients in a limited time is not possible. This is about the patients who have common diseases but if there are patients who have complicated diseases, it becomes difficult for the doctors to investigate and go for the treatment in limited hours of duty. This is one reason why serious patients are neglected.

There are two more reasons for not providing proper treatment because hospitals overwhelmed. One is the lack of knowledge and the other is the fear that if the patient could not survive, the reputation of the doctor will be a stake. Although this kind of thought comes from a limited number of doctors. Private hospitals are more conscience about it. If a serious patient is brought to a private hospital, he is usually refused to admit or treat. The relatives are asked to take the patient to some other hospital. This is not a complete fault of the hospital because even if a patient dies after proper medication and careful treatment, the relative’s agitation sometimes goes beyond the limit.

It is required that at a big level awareness movement must be started at government and NGOs level through electronic, paper and social media that HUMANITY COMES FIRST. Both, the people from the medical profession and common people must be taught many lessons in medical ethics and how to be good citizens, good Muslims and treat human beings selflessly.

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