Grey Structure Construction Cost of 10 Marla House in Pakistan 2021

Construction Cost of Grey Structure

Budgeting is the main concern when it comes to building a home. It’s very challenging to have a house built on a fix budget as on many occasions sudden rise in expenditure occurs. If you are preparing to build a 10-marla A-category building, the construction cost of grey structure and finishing of the house must be approximately calculated. 

What is the construction cost of grey structure of 10 Marla house in Pakistan? 

We at AboutPakistan Property, Pakistan’s emerging property portal, are here to assist you with the construction cost of grey structure of a 10 Marla house in Pakistan. 

Let’s start the detailed budget for a 10 Marla home without any further ado. 

Construction Cost of A 10 Marla House in 2021 

It is important to know what the covered area of a 10 Marla house is before we talk about any estimates. 

The area occupied by a 10 Marla double-storey house is approximately 3,300 sq. ft. 

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The ground floor usually occupies 1650 sq. ft. area, while the upper floor occupies an area of approximately 1550 sq. ft. meanwhile, the mumtee covers almost 100 sq. ft. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Construction process 

Two main components are divided into the construction of a 10 Marla home. 

  • Building grey structure 
  • Finishing of the house 

Please note the estimation is based on the double storey 10 Marla house which includes 5 bedrooms along with attach washrooms. One drawing/dining room, two kitchens, two living rooms (one in each floor) and a staircase leading towards mumtee. 

A-category 10 Marla house construction of grey construction

The house of the A-category is the one with all the components of aesthetic and architectural design considered when building the grey structure and finishing the house. Modern homes with all the aesthetic elements and equipment are generally regarded as an A- category in most cases.

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The cost of house building that we are about to discuss is a house with floor tiling and marble staircase and kitchen countertops. 


Item Quantity Rate (PKR) Cost (PKR) 
Bricks, Sand, Crush, Rori    
Bricks Awwal 90,000 11.5 1,035,000 
Sand Ravi 7,000 20/c.ft. 140,000 
Sand Chenab for Plaster 1,200 35/c.ft. 42,000 
Crush Margalla (Lenter/Lintel) 1600 75/c.ft. 120,000 
Crush Sarghoda (Floor) 1,000 65/c.ft. 65,000 
Rori   35,000 
Cement, Kassu & Rebar    
Cement (DG/Maple/Bestway) 800 520/bag 416,000 
Steel 60 Grade (Mughal, Ittefaq) 5 ton 134/kg 670,000 
Kassu   85,000 
Labor 3,300 395/sq.ft. 1,303,500 
Plumbing & Wiring    
Plumbing (Popular)   160,000 
Wiring (GM)   130,000 
Grills, Gate, Chougat     
Grills  190/sq.ft. 105,500 
Gate   70,000 
Chougat Steel   96,500 
Other Expenditures    
Termite Spray (FMC Biflex)   40,000 
Tank (TP)   20,000 
Total Cost   4,533,500 

Estimated construction cost of grey structure 10 Marla house 2021 

 The required construction materials would include bricks, sand, cement, wiring, rebar, gravel and kassu to create the grey structure of the building. It is very difficult to measure material expenses. As time goes by, the price of any given commodity may differ. It relies heavily on current market demand and availability, the quantity needed and even the cost of transporting construction materials to the building site. 

How much labor costs in 2021? 

The cost of labor rate is measured per sq. ft. You can hire labors at the rate of PKR 395 per sq. ft in 2021. By multiplying labor cost per sq. ft, you can measure the sum of total labor cost with the total sq. ft. area of the house. 

The gross labor cost for a 10 Marla house would be: 395(per sq. ft.) *3300 (per sq. ft.) = PKR 1,303,500. 

Bricks required for 10 Marla houses

Roughly 90,000 bricks are needed for a double-storey 10 Marla building. The present rate for Awwal brick in market per brick (as of January 2021) is PKR 11.50. For a 10 Marla home, the total cost of bricks would be: 90,000 bricks * 11.50= PKR 1,035,000. 

Sand required for 10 Marla house 

8300 c. ft. sand is necessary for the construction of the double storey 10 Marla houses. In construction, there are two types of sands commonly used. One is Ravi sand and the other is sand from Chenab. The Ravi Sand Rate is PKR 20. The rate is PKR 35 for Chenab sand. You’ll require around 7000 c. ft. of sand from Ravi and 1300 c. ft. of sand from Chenab. 

The total cost of Ravi sand will be: 7000* 20= PKR 140,000, as per estimate. Chenab sand will have a total cost of: 1200*35 = PKR 42000. 

Kassu used in 10 Marla house Cost 

Mud and sand make up Kassu. It is used to fill an empty plot base. Up to PKR 85,000 worth of Kassu will be needed for the foundation of a 10 Marla home. 

Cement per bag for 10 Marla house 

800 cement bags will be needed to build the double-storey 10 Marla building. On average, one bag of cement costs about PKR 520. (as of January 2021). Around PKR 416,000 will be the approximate cost of cement. 

Uses of Rebar in construction  

Rebar is used to provide the building structure with durability and strength. Five tons of grade 60 rebar will be used for the grey structure construction of 10 Marla buildings. The current per tonne rebar rate is around PKR 134. The overall cost of the rebar used in the 10 Marla house’s gray construction will be PKR 670,000. 

Plumbing and wiring of a 10 Marla house construction  

For all washrooms, setting up a proper drainage system is necessary. Similarly, proper unit wiring is also necessary to operate electrical appliances. PKR 290,000 is the approximate budget for the plumbing and wiring of a 10 Marla home. It is important to remember that this approximate cost is exclusive to the plumbing and wiring labor costs. 

Door Frames 

For the design of the door frames, Chougat steel is used. The building of steel door frames for a 10 Marla house costs about PKR 80,000. 

The cost of the gate for 10 Marla House 

The roughly cost for the main gate is PKR 70,000 for a 10 Marla home. 

Safety grills  

The installation of safety grills is essential to make the house safe and secure. This mandatory house safety portion will roughly cost PKR 105,500. 

Other expenditure cost of 10 Marla double storey house  

In addition, termite control treatment may also be needed. It can cost about 40 thousand for a termite control procedure. 

Finally, the complete cost of building the grey structure of 10 Marla double-storey houses adds up to approximately PKR 4,533,500. Read here about the finishing cost of your home.

Please Note: These are all the estimated prices based on the information provided by market sources. The estimated prices may vary from region to region and due to other factors. 

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