Finishing Cost of 10 Marla House in Pakistan in 2021

finishing cost of 10 Marla

Construction of the house is one thing but finishing the house after grey structure is the main deal. Nowadays commodities price fluctuates each passing day, hence, leaving a challenging scenario for house owners and contractors to construct house within prearranged budget. 

Apart from that, many expenditures occur on many occasions which may not be even planned out. For those who are preparing to construct a 10 Marla house in Pakistan must calculate the estimated prices for proper budgeting. 

What is the finishing cost of 10 Marla house in Pakistan? 

Pakistan’s emerging property portal, AboutPakistan Property, presents a detailed cost analysis for finishing a 10 Marla house in 2021.

Finishing Cost of A 10 Marla House in 2021 

It is important to know what the covered area of a 10 Marla house is before we talk about any estimates. 

The area occupied by a 10 Marla double-storey house is approximately 3,300 sq. ft. 

The ground floor usually occupies 1650 sq. ft. area, while the upper floor occupies an area of approximately 1550 sq. ft. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Finishing process: 

Two main components are divided into the construction of a 10 Marla home. 

  • Building grey structure 
  • Finishing of the house 

Please note the estimation is based on the double storey 10 Marla house which includes 5 bedrooms along with attach washrooms. One drawing/dining room, two kitchens, two living rooms (one in each floor) and a staircase leading towards mumtee. 


In order to complete the grey structure of A-Category 10 Marla house in Pakistan then the total estimated price will be 4,533,500. A detailed analysis can be reviewed here.  

Finishing Material Cost of 10 Marla House in 2021  

Item Type Quantity Rate (PKR) Cost (PKR) 
Tiles & Marble     
Tiles Floor Master 280 2,000/sq. mtr. 560,000 
Bath Floor Master 135 1,500/sq. mtr. 202,500 
Terrace Master 22 1,500/sq. mtr. 33,000 
Garage Master 55 1,500/sq. mtr. 82,500 
Stair Marble Granite   95,000 
Kitchen Shelves Marble Granite   30,000 
Labour    210,000 
Lights & Lamps A+ China   165,000 
Fans GFC/Royal 14 5,500 77,000 
Switch Boards OPAL 25 850 21,250 
Power Plugs OPAL 23 475 10,925 
Exhaust Fans GFC/Royal 2,500 17,500 
Breakers/DB    60,000 
Electrician    25,000 
Kitchen & Bath Accessories     
Hood & Knob Signature 50,000 100,000 
Sink  15,000 30,000 
Vanity Sets  9,000 45,000 
Commodes  15,000 75,000 
Bath Set Master 19,000 95,000 
Bath Hangings Master 5,000 25,000 
Plumber    20,000 
Paint & Ceiling     
Ceiling  2900 65/sq. ft. 188,500 
Rockwall/Exterior    60,000 
Paint Master   480,000 
Windows & Mirrors     
Windows Aluminum + Glass    303,750 
Mirror    30,000 
Staircase Railing    65,000 
Doors    250,000 
Wardrobes    270,000 
Kitchen Woodwork    250,000 
LCD Rack    50,000 
Door Handle    35,000 
Total Cost    3,916,925 

The Cost of Finishing Material of 10 Marla House (Estimated) 

 Tiles rate for house construction 

About 280 tiles are needed for the floor of the building. The terrace, washrooms and garage would be excluded. PKR 2,000 per sq. meter is the rate. PKR 560,000 will be the gross tiling expense for the floors. 

For the terrace, 22 tiles costing about PKR 1,500 per sq. meter are needed. At the amount of PKR 1,500 per sq. mtr., 55 tiles will be needed for the garage. The cost of tiling both the terrace and the garage are roughly PKR 115,000. In addition, the labour cost will be approximately PKR 210,000. 

Total marble expense (Estimated) 

The marble would cost PKR 95,000 for the completion of staircase. PKR 30,000 will be required for kitchen counters and shelves. 

Complete Marble Cost = PKR 125,000 

Switch boards expense (Estimates) 

There is a need for 25 OPAL switch boards and push buttons. The cost for one of them is PKR 850. The overall cost will be PKR 21,250 for the switchboards. 

Power plugs stock price  

Meanwhile, 23 power plugs and sockets will be needed and each item cost around PKR 475. Overall, the total cost for power plugs and sockets will be estimated around PKR 10,025. 

Lights & Lamps 

In order to décor your house for more attraction you need to install latest lamps and lights and for this the total estimated price is around PKR 165,000. 

GFC Fans cost or Royal Fans cost 

According to double storey house around 14 fans will be needed to install. On average the GFC Fan or Royal Fans price started from 5,000 but we choose the 5,500 range for a better experience. The total cost of fans will be PKR 77,000. 

Exhaust Fans for double storey home 

In double storey house, you need 7 exhaust fans. 5 exhaust fans to be installed in washrooms and 2 in kitchen. A standard exhaust fan is available to grab in 2,500 and total cost will be PKR 17,500. 

In order to install each and every electrical equipment, the technician will charge around 25,000. 

Kitchen and Bath accessories estimated cost for 10 Marla house 

The finishing of kitchen and bath is the main component in finalizing house. 

For both kitchens in a double storey 10 Marla building, kitchen accessories like kitchen hood and sink are required. Two kitchen hoods will each cost approximately PKR 50,000. Two sinks in the kitchen will each cost about PKR 15,000. It will cost about PKR 130,000 for the full kitchen accessories. 

Bath hangings, commodes and bath sets will be included in the washroom accessories. Since 5 washrooms will be located in a 10 Marla house on a double floor, 5 bath hangings will be needed. It will cost around PKR 25,000, making each one up to PKR 5,000. A single commode would cost around PKR 15,000, which makes the overall cost of PKR 75,000 commodes. 

Similarly, about PKR 9,000 costs a single vanity collection. The overall cost would be 45,000 for 5 vanity sets. You will also need 5 full bath sets that will each cost PKR 19,000. In addition, the cost of labor for installation would range from PKR 20,000 to PKR 30,000. 

This will bring the overall cost up to PKR 390,000 for both bath and kitchen accessories. 

Painting and Ceiling estimated cost  

Without paint, no house is full. Painting provides the house with the final look. The next step is painting, once the switch board and light fixtures are installed. Applying a base coat is the first step in painting. More layers of paint are added after a base coat to produce a finished look. The painting costs not only include the prices of painting supplies, but also the skilled painter’s labor costs. About PKR 784,500 would be the labor cost for painting a 10 Marla double-storey home. 

The painting costs not only include the prices of painting supplies, but also the skilled painter’s labor costs. About PKR 784,500 would be the labor cost for painting a 10 Marla double-storey home. 

False ceilings are also very common. If we choose a standard design false ceiling, then the false ceiling rate is around PKR 65 per sq. ft. This will cost about PKR 188,500 for a 10 Marla unit. 

The projected cost would be about PKR 728,500 for the whole painting and ceiling. 

Windows and Mirrors estimated cost 

It is mandatory to install windows glass and aluminum in the house, hence, it will cost around 335,000. In addition to this, the estimated cost for staircase railing completion will be PKR 65,000 if installed. 

Woodwork uses in house construction 

Quality woodwork will add worth to any home. In terms of practicality, it is not only visually appealing, but also highly functional. Although the house is still under renovation, it is desirable to have all the woodwork finished. The most significant point of concern is that you can make sure that quality timber is used. Together, built-in closets and kitchen cabinets comprise the house’s woodwork. 

For woodwork in homes, semi-solid plywood is often used. The house’s wardrobe, various fitting and other woodwork would cost about PKR 855,000. 

Complete finishing cost of 10 Marla double-storey house completion = PKR 3,916,925 lacs. 

Here is the complete construction cost of 10 Marla House = PKR 4,533,500 (Grey Structure) + PKR 3,916,925 (Finishing Cost) = PKR 8,450,425. 

So now you know the complete construction cost of a 10 marla house in Pakistan which will be PKR 8,450,425 approximately. 

Please Note: These are all the estimated prices based on the information provided by market sources. The estimated prices may vary from region to region and due to other factors. 

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