Grades Competition and Youngster’s Mental Health


There was a time that education started in KG class. After passing the KG class students were promoted to class 2 and as such after 10 years the students used to pass matric.

The next was passing FA or FSC after two years of college education, those, desirous of continuing education used to take admission either in medical college, Engineering university or in some other discipline knows as MA or MSC. It was a simple way of education. Things were very easy. No question of unnecessary competition ever arose.

The world has changed today. In the USA in particular and Europe in general, the environment of competition in students has brought great destruction. Every year there is a lot of cases of suicide in students are reported. In Pakistan too, the environment of competition has become invoke.

In the season of results, parents are usually found to ask the question to their children “what is the percentage you secured, what is the percentage your friend has secured”. This is an unnecessary and unhealthy style of living. In this way, students only get marks instead of getting knowledge from books. Today’s learning process bound students only to get top grades.

An effective way of securing good marks is usually adopted and that is the solving of the question papers of previous years on multiple times. Going through the books in-depth and raising questions keeping in view the knowledge therein has become the dream.

There are a number of cases of students leave education when they are unsuccessful in securing good grades due to dishearten. A number of such students have not registered anywhere which is quite unfortunate.

Moreover, there is another big class of students who study body and soul together to secure high grades and even after the success, they are unable to get admissions in the colleges to the admission of which they are seeking. It becomes the biggest setback for those students. Consequently, those students find no way to seek a brilliant future and they become psychic.

The environment of unnecessary competition in educational institutions must be prohibited and focus should be on seeking knowledge. In Pakistan, there are not many HiFi industries in abundance. Therefore jobs are easily available for average students.

It means one is desirous of getting jobs in Google organization, NASA, etc only he is to work very hard and secure the highest marks. The number of such students is extremely limited. The production and management style of Pakistanis industrial units is compatible with the education system.

Therefore, it is required that focus should be on attaining the knowledge rather than securing “highest marks” or grade “A”. This unhealthy style of running not only deprived the students of the other healthy and enjoyable things of life which are necessary for life other than education.

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