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edhi foundation

The founder of the Edhi foundation (1951) is Abdul Sattar Edhi. This is a non-profit social welfare program. Its headquarter is in Karachi, Pakistan. Abdul Sattar Edhi devoted himself to orphan people and till his last breath on 8th July 2016, he and his wife Bilquis nursed and took care of children and people.

This foundation assists 24 hours of emergency assistance across the nation in Pakistan and also abroad. Several services are provided by this foundation in the form of shelter for poor, medical care and free hospitals, drug rehabilitation and also national and international relief efforts.

Edhi’s basic focus had been taking care of orphans, providing shelters for poor, education, providing services to handicapped persons, arranging blood and drug bank, healthcare, marine, and coastal services and air ambulance services.

This foundation was started by a simple man, Abdul Sattar Edhi who first had a small shop in the Mithadar area in Karachi where he used to sell free medicines and that dispensary had always been named as Edhi foundation. After a few years that simple shop of dispensary became a big foundation.

In 1957, he established his first welfare center and later Edhi Trust was established. Now, this foundation has more than 300 centers across the country. Almost all the big and small cities and all rural and urban areas are being provided with medical aid or emergency assistance. Their air ambulances provide quick access to all far flange areas.

Edhi is the foundation is considered a highly dignified way for all poor and orphan people that it has 8 hospitals that provide free medical care, free diabetic centers, free eye hospitals, free surgical units, free cancer treatment hospitals and, free mobile dispensaries. Moreover, two blood banks are also managed by this foundation in Karachi.

Many employed and professional volunteers run these Edhi services. It has a legal aid department that provides people the free services and also it has released and secured many innocent prisoners. It also has provided 15 “Apna Ghar” houses for several needy children, psychotics and runaways.

This foundation also provides a free education scheme that covers all necessary factors like reading, writing, vocational activities, para-medical training, driving and pharmacy. Whereas, this foundation has many branches in different countries where relief is provided to refugees in the UK, US, Canada, Japan and Bangladesh. It helped many different countries in the phase of the earthquake in Iran and Egypt.

Emergency and non-emergency services are provided to everyone that needs it. Besides emergency services it provides private ambulance services, aid to children and women in need, graveyards cost, assist in finding missing people and also provide help in disaster and tragic conditions.

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