Diseases of Childhood and Infancy

Diseases of Childhood

Children are more likely to develop diseases than young people because of their weak immune system just like old people. Children are in the process of immune system development and the smaller the age the weaker the immune system. That is the reason children and old people both contract diseases quicker than young people. The only difference that exists in the nature of disease both are more prone to develop. Some common diseases of childhood and infancy are as following:


Several viruses cause bronchiolitis that affects toddlers of less than 1 year in age. It also causes due to influenza and some viruses that are associated with the upper respiratory system the symptoms include runny nose, cough, and fever. Some other common symptoms are wheezing. It is common in winters. Sometimes, children’s respiratory systems get so disturbed with severe symptoms that they are admitted to the hospital. Its treatment is different from asthma but medicines might be the same.

Common Cold

Viruses cause colds in the upper respiratory tract. Young children develop almost 6-8 types of colds per year like, cough, flu or runny nose, etc. that ends in up to 10 days. These colds need antibiotics to get a cure. For instance, green mucus in the nose does not cure automatically but antibiotics are used.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is caused due to viruses. It is also called conjunctivitis. Sometimes, the bacterial infection causes it. It is a contagious disease that is spread through educational institutes, daycare centers or any place where other children are together. It is not a dangerous disease rather it lasts for 5 days but doctors’ recommendation is also important.

Ear Pain

Ear pain is also among the diseases of childhood because it is a common disease in children that can cause an ear infection. Many ear infections are caused by viruses and it does not require antibiotics.


The flu is most of the time observed in winters that cause chills, aches, high fever, and many other symptoms too. Usually, it is a normal flu that gets cure within a few days but sometimes it gets highly severe and can even become pneumonia. That is the reason vaccination is recommended in all countries.

Chickenpox or skin infection

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella virus. Almost in all countries, children are given vaccines to stay safe from any such disease in the future. But if not given vaccines or before the vaccination, many children are observed to be admitted to hospitals. Although chickenpox infection is benign that happens to almost everyone once a life. This the big reason why vaccinations are a must.

Skin infection in children needs to test the skin that sometimes needs to be given appropriate treatment. Do not hide anything about your child’s history that has exposed to other family members or caused by contact with resistant bacteria.

Above mentioned diseases are not highly dangerous but parents need to be conscious about the treatment and check-up is the mandatory part so that these simple diseases do not become dangerous.

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