Different Causes of Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior is not the normal functioning of the mind therefore it is classified as a disorder and a mental illness. In terms of phycology, the person who has aggressive behavior due to different causes can harm himself or even can harm others physically or verbally. Aggressive behavior does not come under the boundaries of socialism.

Aggressive behavior occurs due to several reasons and it can not only affect a person physically or verbally but it also affects the person mentally and emotionally. It directly affects relationships and human interactions. Due to temperament issues and intolerance, a person will be unable to think wisely. Therefore, if the aggression persists for many days then the person should visit a physiatrist as its not a normal condition.

An aggressive person feels angry, restless or irritated. The person will not be able to control his behavior and he/she may end do some unethical and irrational activity unconsciously. Many factors can make a person aggressive and most common of them are attributed to the treatment one gets from others. People with health conditions like autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, conduct disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are prone to act irrationally at times and they easily get aggressive. Other physical factors like epilepsy, dementia, psychosis, usage of alcohol or usage of the drug can also boost aggression in one’s life.

Aggression may damage the mental health of a person to a large extent and that may lead to stroke, head injury, hypertension, restlessness, infections or illness. Normally, it is observed by the researchers that physical aggression is found more in men compared to women. Women are more involved in verbal aggression or relational aggression rather than physical aggression.

The environment and interaction with people may increase aggressive behavior in one’s life. Children raised in an abusive society or environment, people who faced violence in their childhood, people who got abused in childhood or experienced an emotional trauma will grow up to also have aggressive behavior.

Causes of aggressive behavior are not limited to only physical factors, biological factors or environmental factors. Aggressive behavior is also linked to family structure. Kids who are brought up with no love also grow up to become intolerant and aggressive. How one behaves with others every day also set the mood of a person. An individual’s habit and traits also matter because aggression depends on how a person deals with others on a regular basis. When an aggressive person goes for psychotherapy, his life experiences, childhood encounters and daily interactions are asked to study the reasons behind his aggressive behavior.

People also get affected by the work or school environment so the work environment also plays an immense role in aggression as it influences one’s life. A bullied kid in school will grow up to become an aggressive person.

Socioeconomic factors also affect a person’s life which in result may increase aggressive behavior. Poor standards of lives and inequality have a negative impact on the whole community and people living there will also be aggressive in nature.

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